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What to Count on on Tren (17 Execs and Cons)

Dr George TouliatosDisclaimer: The next article is for instructional functions solely and NOT to advertise using unlawful steroids. When you have any questions or issues, Dr. Touliatos is at the moment accessible for consultations.

Trenbolone is an extremely potent anabolic steroid that bodybuilders use to concurrently acquire muscle and burn fats.

A widely known mantra in bodybuilding is ‘eat Clen and Tren onerous‘ — for one searching for the final word physique.

Some individuals say Trenbolone’s not value it because of the harsh unwanted side effects — being one of the vital poisonous compounds an individual can take (physiologically and psychologically).

Nevertheless, others argue that Tren’s opposed results are exaggerated, and never notably worse than different anabolics.

Firstly, you will need to perceive that every particular person will reply in a different way to Trenbolone based mostly on their genetic code — making them roughly susceptible to sure unwanted side effects.

Nevertheless, under are 17 results that Trenbolone customers generally expertise.

Monster Energy

Trenbolone’s results on power are really distinctive, particularly because it doesn’t aromatize and trigger water retention.

Nearly each aggressive powerlifter will probably be working Trenbolone of their stack earlier than a meet. 

Customers who’re comparatively new to anabolic steroids can add nearly 100lbs to their bench press on Trenbolone — throughout the first month of a cycle.

This absolutely is a optimistic, nonetheless, bodybuilders will wish to watch out of lifting excessively heavy throughout their first few Trenbolone cycles; to permit their muscular tissues/tendons time to adapt. In any other case, fast will increase in power will go away customers extra inclined to harm.

Shortness of Breath

It’s not unusual for customers to expertise shortness of breath when strolling up the steps or doing mild train on Tren.

This occurs attributable to an increase in blood strain, indicating decreased blood circulate to the guts; thus deeper breaths are wanted to extend oxygen provide.

“Tren makes my cardio suck. Doing squats or lunges on Tren makes my breath run out a lot quicker. I really feel extra highly effective and stronger, however my cardio capability feels prefer it takes a 25-30% hit”. – Nameless Tren-Consumer

Muscle Features

It’s of no shock that muscle features on Tren are distinctive, with it being 5x extra anabolic and androgenic than Testosterone.

How a lot muscle a consumer will acquire on Tren will rely on their degree of previous steroid use.

For instance, if a newbie makes use of low dosages of Trenbolone, their outcomes, by way of muscle hypertrophy, will probably be exceptional (gaining roughly 30lbs of lean muscle).

Nevertheless, somebody who has commonly used varied steroids prior to now could not acquire as a lot, though taking Trenbolone might definitely take their muscle dimension to the following degree — gaining 10-15 additional kilos (which is spectacular for an intermediate steroid consumer).

Confidence of a King

Tren-users will ooze confidence attributable to unimaginable surges in exogenous testosterone. It will carry out an individual’s interior alpha male to the utmost.

This highly effective aura will probably be noticed by everybody round them, and never solely will confidence enhance on a social degree but in addition on a primal degree.

I didn’t wish to battle individuals, however I did stroll into bars/golf equipment and really feel like a lion. I believed to myself “If somebody began one thing I might throw them throughout the room” however I wasn’t searching for hassle or any extra more likely to get right into a battle. I simply felt invincible. – Nameless Tren-Consumer

Hair Loss

Trenbolone is the most definitely steroid to trigger hair loss, recession or thinning on the scalp; attributable to its extremely androgenic nature.

Nevertheless, customers have reported that roughly 80% of hair loss reverses again post-cycle — when dihydrotestosterone ranges regulate again to regular.

Though hair loss could restore post-cycle for these utilizing Tren sparingly — others trying to run common Tren cycles long-term will face an uphill battle to protect their hairline.

Thus, for these wanting to maintain their hair as thick and full as potential, it might be sensible to keep away from Trenbolone; as a substitute choosing much less androgenic steroids, similar to Dianabol or Deca Durabolin.

Fats Loss

Trenbolone is a potent fats burner, attributable to it being extremely androgenic — with the AR (androgen receptor) stimulating lipolysis in adipose tissue.

How a lot fats a consumer will lose will rely on their coaching and food plan.

Thus, somebody bulking on Tren and consuming in a beneficiant calorie surplus could keep on the similar physique fats.

Nevertheless, somebody slicing on Tren, consuming in a calorie deficit and doing common HIIT could lose 6% of physique fats from an 8-week cycle.

Usually, Trenbolone’s fat-burning results are overpowered by its means to pack on muscle; and thus most will make the most of Trenbolone when making an attempt to realize lean mass.

Fixed Pump/Muscle Fullness

Pumps will probably be excessive throughout exercises, however this will even be a standard theme outdoors of the fitness center — attributable to elevated glycogen storage.

“I took a trip that wouldn’t permit me to exercise for a complete week. I believed I’d shrink and look flat/deflated, however individuals have been coming as much as me telling me how large I appeared, and searching again on the trip images I’ve to agree”. – Nameless Tren-user

Tren Cough

Tren cough will be described as a ‘dry cough’ that happens when injecting Trenbolone, lasting for a number of seconds.

Such respiratory misery can even happen when injecting different steroids, similar to Testosterone Cypionate.

This isn’t considered severe and most definitely associated to Trenbolone’s excessive androgenicity, inflicting inflammatory lipids (prostaglandins) to develop into activated. Thus, upon injection, vasoconstriction of the muscular wall (within the bronchus) causes some irritation to the lungs.


Trenbolone stimulates the central nervous system, rising the manufacturing of adrenaline and due to this fact inducing thermogenesis. One profit to that is that the metabolism will increase, serving to customers to burn extra energy naturally all through the day.

Nevertheless, the adverse to excessive adrenaline ranges is elevated sweating out and in of the fitness center.

Waking up in the course of the night time in a puddle of sweat is a standard theme on Trenbolone. Thus, to inhibit extreme adrenaline, customers could wish to cut back their caffeine consumption when biking Tren. Sleeping with a fan subsequent to the mattress will even assist to chill the physique down.

Hair Progress (on the Physique)

As a consequence of elevated DHT ranges, we all know that Tren-users can expertise androgenetic alopecia (a lack of hair on the scalp).

Nevertheless, for the remainder of the physique, customers can anticipate quicker and thicker hair development — which will be advantageous for males coveting extra grandiose beards.



For those who wrestle to go to sleep at night time, Trenbolone might not be an appropriate steroid, attributable to its stimulative results on the CNS (central nervous system) — inflicting insomnia.

One solution to overcome ‘Trensomnia‘ is to eat ample quantities of steak, rooster, or turkey earlier than bedtime; mixed with massive portions of carbohydrates. These 3 sorts of meat are wealthy in l-tryptophan, an amino acid that has sedative qualities, serving to to assuage customers’ central nervous system. Combining l-tryptophan with carbohydrates in a meal aids absorption and amplifies its soothing results.

Taking a scorching bathtub earlier than bedtime can also be one of the vital efficient and pure methods to unwind and overcome insomnia. Dietary supplements similar to GABA, crimson grape seed extract and valerian root can even assist — along side teas similar to chamomile or lavender.

If an individual can’t sleep regardless of altering their food plan, taking dietary supplements and varied different means to calm; they’ll develop into extra catabolic attributable to an increase in cortisol. This could exacerbate Tren’s unwanted side effects, additional rising blood strain and considerably inhibiting fats loss/muscle development. On this case, one other steroid could also be more practical than Trenbolone; not by way of efficiency, however as a result of sleep is significant for optimum physique composition.

Higher Intercourse

With testosterone, androgen and nitric oxide ranges surging; blood circulate will enhance to the penis, positively affecting dimension and erection high quality.

This typically makes for a greater intercourse life for a lot of customers (albeit quickly).

“At 175mg/week of Testosterone and 350mg/week of Tren my intercourse drive was wonderful, with my girlfriend having to faucet out a number of occasions” – Nameless Tren-Consumer

Nevertheless, the alternative impact can even occur to some customers. Decreased libido and weakened erections can happen attributable to Trenbolone not directly rising prolactin ranges, by way of shutdown of the hypothalamus, negatively affecting suggestions regulation of this lactating hormone.

Bodybuilders can take Cabergoline, a dopaminergic that’s medically used to deal with hyperprolactinemia (excessive ranges of prolactin) — serving to to revive optimum sexual perform.

Darkish Urine

Tren-users typically discover their urine go a darkish color on-cycle. This is because of Trenbolone’s thermogenic results, successfully dehydrating the physique.

Thus, it is vital for bodybuilders to extend their water consumption on Tren, which is able to end in urine returning again to its regular color.


Trenbolone is more likely to shorten a consumer’s persistence, attributable to its stimulative impact.

Merely, it’s tougher to remain cool with an elevated coronary heart price and excessive ranges of adrenaline.

For a lot of, Trenbolone is an emotional rollercoaster, with temper swings by the hour.

“No matter could occur in your life, and no matter sort of temper you might have, it could possibly really feel like Trenbolone amplifies all your feelings tenfold”. – Nameless Tren-Consumer

Photoshopped Look

If an individual is already lean earlier than beginning their Tren cycle, they’ll start to look photoshopped, attributable to a mix of:

  • Decreased water ranges
  • Full muscular tissues
  • Elevated vascularity
  • Trapezius and deltoid muscular tissues ballooning in dimension

The trapezius and deltoid muscular tissues are extra inclined to hypertrophy on Tren, attributable to them having larger androgen receptors; inflicting them to reply significantly effectively to androgenic steroids.

A notable discount in extracellular water could make a lean particular person look significantly extra ripped. Nevertheless, an individual larger in physique fats could not discover any will increase in muscle definition, merely from shifts in water.

Zits Breakouts

If an individual is susceptible to zits vulgaris, Trenbolone is more likely to trigger additional breakouts attributable to its androgenic nature. That is significantly widespread on the again (often known as ‘bacne’).

Tren causes zits attributable to androgens stimulating the sebaceous glands, inflicting elevated sebum manufacturing; which is a waxy substance used to moisturize the pores and skin.

Nevertheless, when there’s an extra of this viscous fluid, it could possibly block the pores resulting in cystic zits in very delicate customers.

Isotretinoin, higher often known as Accutane, is often utilized by bodybuilders who are suffering from zits, however wish to expertise the advantages of Trenbolone (or different androgenic steroids).


The optimistic results on temper and confidence while on Trenbolone are really indeniable. Nevertheless, because the saying goes: ‘What goes up should come down‘.

The crash post-cycle will be fierce, indicative of injury to the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) and poor endogenous testosterone ranges.

Bodybuilders on-cycle have even reported random bouts of despair. This may increasingly happen attributable to rare injections, thus throughout a time when serum testosterone ranges taper off (simply earlier than a brand new dose).

“I skilled despair at random occasions. I might get up one morning and I’d refuse to get away from bed, I’d simply lay awake with my eyes open, staring on the ceiling and feeling helpless for an hour or so. Different occasions I’d keep at residence as a substitute of understanding and simply lay on the sofa and really feel so helpless”. – Nameless Tren-Consumer

Subsequently, Trenbolone could exacerbate psychological well being points, and thus weak people ought to steer away from this steroid.

After a cycle, shut down testosterone ranges could cause lethargy and diminished sexual perform (in addition to despair). These unwanted side effects can final a number of weeks or months, therefore why bodybuilders generally go for an aggressive PCT (put up cycle remedy).

Under is a PCT protocol developed by Dr. Michael Scally, a hormone substitute professional. This trio of medicines has confirmed to be an awesome success in scientific trials for restoring the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis (HPTA) from anabolic steroids.

When 19 steroid-induced hypogonadal males got Dr. Scally’s PCT protocol in a scientific setting, 100% of them recovered their endogenous testosterone manufacturing inside 45 days.

Here’s what they took:

  • HCG – 2000 IU administered each different day for 20 days
  • Nolvadex – 2 x 20mg for 45 days
  • Clomid– 2 x 50mg for 30 days

That is thought-about an aggressive PCT and thus appropriate for using post-Trenbolone use. 


You can not definitively know what to anticipate on Tren till you inject it — as individuals have totally different experiences based mostly on their genetics.

One particular person could develop into hypertensive after a number of cycles, whereas one other particular person’s blood strain can stay within the regular vary.

Additionally it is value noting that the adverse unwanted side effects of Tren usually tend to happen at larger dosages (over 400mg/week).

Thus, much less is extra is an efficient rule when biking potent steroids like Tren; with there primarily being a cut-off level of diminishing returns when you go previous a sure dose (more likely to be 300mg/week).

Moreover, nearly each Trenbolone product is totally different, based mostly on the UGL (underground lab) producer and their ability at formulating a pure product.



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