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What Gear Do You Must Construct Muscle? — Bony to Bombshell

Some of the widespread questions we get is, “What gear do I must construct muscle?” You should utilize a number of totally different setups, however some setups are significantly good for gaining muscle dimension and energy.

On this article, we’ll go over the professionals and cons of:

  • Coaching at a industrial fitness center.
  • Constructing a barbell residence fitness center.
  • Constructing a dumbbell residence fitness center.
  • Utilizing resistance bands.
  • Doing body weight coaching.

All of those choices are viable. You possibly can construct muscle with something. Even your personal body weight. However a few of these setups make it simpler than others, and so they every have their professionals and cons.

Results of a skinny woman building muscle and going from Bony to Bombshell.

Coaching at a Industrial Fitness center

No shock that if you happen to go to a industrial fitness center, they’ll have every part it’s essential to construct muscle. They’ve acquired dumbbells, barbells, train machines, and cable machines. All of these are nice for constructing muscle. They’re steady workouts that enable us to load somewhat bit extra weight each exercise.

Bony to Bombshell illustration of a woman doing barbell deadlifts to build bigger hips and gain strength.

The draw back is that it may be inconvenient. Along with the time it takes to do your exercise, it’s essential to finances for the time it takes to journey there and again. That may add up, particularly if you happen to’re making an attempt to squeeze in your exercises earlier than work or after the children go to mattress.

The most important draw back we hear about, although, is that it may be a bit intimidating to go to the fitness center as a thin newbie all by your self. And I completely get that. I used to really feel that approach, too. I gained a full twenty kilos earlier than build up the braveness to go to a industrial fitness center. I shouldn’t have felt that approach. Skinny novices are welcome at each fitness center I’ve ever been to. Everybody there was a newbie as soon as, too. However I perceive the hesitation.

Constructing a Barbell Dwelling Fitness center

A barbell residence fitness center is an environment friendly option to practice at residence. Barbells make constructing muscle very straightforward. They’re very steady, they’re straightforward to load up progressively heavier, and barbell workouts have a tendency to interact essentially the most muscle mass, making your exercises extraordinarily environment friendly.

Diagram showing how to build a barbell home gym for building muscle for women.

The draw back is {that a} barbell residence fitness center will run you $1,000–4,000 if you happen to purchase it from a high-quality model like Rogue Health, and so they take up a number of area. For folks with some disposable earnings and a spare room, storage, or basement, it’s excellent. For folks dwelling in smaller homes or residences, it’s a no-go.

I’ve gone to industrial gyms, used a dumbbell residence fitness center, and used a barbell residence fitness center. The barbell residence fitness center is by far my favorite, and it’s how Cassandra and I practice now. It’s nice.

For extra, we’ve got an article on how one can construct a barbell residence fitness center.

Constructing a Dumbbell Dwelling Fitness center

A dumbbell residence fitness center is essentially the most versatile option to practice at residence. You possibly can load your adjustable dumbbells progressively heavier, you are able to do a staggering variety of totally different workouts, and also you gained’t have any issues stimulating muscle development. Then, while you’re finished, you possibly can retailer them in a closet. Again once I lived in a small house, I saved a pair of adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench in my closet. I’d deliver them into my lounge after which put them away once more.

Illustration of fixed-weight and adjustable dumbbells for a women's home gym.
Fastened-weight dumbbells (left), good adjustable dumbbells (center) & low cost adjustable dumbbells (proper).

The draw back to purchasing dumbbells is that they are often costly. There are many low cost choices, however it may be a problem to regulate the burden, they’re exhausting to steadiness on their sides, and so they can generally really feel unwieldy. None of those are dealbreakers. You’ll nonetheless do tremendous. However they’re downsides.

The premium adjustable dumbbell manufacturers utterly clear up all of those issues. However shopping for a pleasant pair of PowerBlock, IronMaster, or BowFlex dumbbells can run you almost a thousand {dollars}, particularly if you happen to’re getting a exercise bench and a chin-up bar together with them. They’re price it, however they aren’t that less expensive than a barbell residence fitness center.

Dumbbells and barbells have a few key variations:

  • Barbell lifts are heavier, participating extra muscle mass and placing extra load in your backbone, making them environment friendly however fatiguing. Dumbbell lifts are lighter, demanding extra stabilizer energy, making them much less environment friendly but additionally much less fatiguing.
  • Barbell lifts lock your palms in place, forcing particular motion patterns, and making the lifts really feel a bit simpler. Dumbbells mean you can transfer extra freely, making them simpler in your joints, but additionally making them really feel a bit more durable.
  • There are solely so many lifts you are able to do with a barbell. Dumbbells supply fairly a bit extra flexbility.
Illustration of a woman doing a goblet squat.

As for gaining muscle and energy, although, each barbells and dumbbells are just about excellent. Whichever method you are taking, you possibly can achieve muscle and energy at full velocity. These are the 2 greatest instruments for constructing muscle on the earth.

For extra, we’ve got an article on how one can construct a dumbbell residence fitness center.

Utilizing Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are well-liked as a result of they’re low cost and transportable. The issue is, they’re exhausting to load progressively heavier, and the actions you are able to do with them are considerably restricted. Maybe most significantly, they make it tough to problem our muscle mass by means of a deep vary of movement. That’s why severe lifters not often use them. However even for informal lifters, they’ll make it more durable to construct muscle.

Illustration of a woman squatting with  resistance bands to gain muscle and strength.

The primary draw back to resistance bands is that they get progressively more difficult as you stretch them additional. Because of this, the deep a part of the vary of movement tends to be a lot simpler than the highest half. This isn’t a resistance curve that happens in nature, and it doesn’t appear to line up very properly with our pure energy curves. Plus, it’s the deepest a part of the vary of movement the place our muscle mass are strongest, the place muscle pressure is the very best, and the place we stimulate essentially the most muscle development. If we decrease the problem on the backside of our lifts, we make it more durable to construct muscle.

With that stated, you possibly can construct muscle with nearly something. Resistance bands do put resistance in your muscle mass. Chances are you’ll not construct muscle as quick, however you can nonetheless construct muscle. That’s the place the second downside is available in: resistance-band exercises harm! If you shift a lot emphasis to the lockout portion of the carry, you get a loopy burn and tons of ache. It feels such as you’re working rattling exhausting. However the coaching is much less efficient, so it’s essential to push by means of extra ache, doing much more reps, much more units. It makes constructing muscle exhausting.

Illustration of a woman doing barbell back squats with resistance bands to build muscle.

Resistance bands might be useful to have round, although. Combining them with barbell lifts (accommodating resistance) could even enhance the resistance curve. Plus, there are some good resistance-band drills and workouts. However we don’t normally advocate utilizing solely resistance bands to construct muscle.

For extra, we’ve got an article breaking down the analysis on resistance bands.

Doing Body weight Exercises

Body weight exercises are well-liked as a result of they’re even cheaper and extra transportable than resistance bands. They’re additionally even more durable to progressively load heavier, making the exercises a bit extra sophisticated. However on the brilliant facet, they are ideally suited for constructing muscle.

Illustration of a woman doing bodyweight push-ups to build muscle.

Identical to with barbells and dumbbells, lifting your personal physique weight is a really pure factor to do. The resistance curves align properly with our energy curves. The lifts are most difficult close to the underside, the place your muscle mass are stretched—the place your muscle mass are strongest. This makes body weight workouts excellent for exciting muscle development.

The draw back is that, just like resistance bands, body weight exercises might be tremendous painful, particularly as you begin to get stronger. Constructing your approach as much as 20 push-ups isn’t so unhealthy. However doing body weight squats might be fairly tough. You’ll must delve into larger rep ranges. And the extra reps you do, the extra your muscle mass will burn, the extra your physique will beg you to surrender, and the more durable it will likely be to get into the behavior of persistently understanding.

Because of this, we normally advocate getting some adjustable dumbbells, even when they’re tremendous low cost. In the event you maintain a dumbbell in your palms, hastily, your squats are heavier, you gained’t must do as many reps, and so they gained’t really feel so exhausting. However if you wish to begin with body weight coaching, relaxation assured that you may construct an amazing quantity of muscle. You’ll simply must grit your tooth.

For extra, we’ve got an article on body weight hypertrophy coaching.


You possibly can construct muscle with something, together with your personal body weight. In the event you problem your energy and combat to develop stronger over time, you possibly can stimulate muscle development. In the event you mix these exercises with an excellent muscle-building food plan, you’ll develop larger and stronger. With that stated, some gear makes it a lot simpler to construct muscle. In the event you can handle it, the three greatest setups for constructing muscle are:

  • Industrial fitness center—10/10: ideally suited for train selection.
  • Barbell residence fitness center—10/10:, ideally suited for giant houses.
  • Adjustable dumbbells—10/10: ideally suited for residences.
Illustration of women using a barbell or dumbbell home gym to gain muscle and strength at home.

All three of these choices are excellent. I imply, technically, you may have the ability to argue {that a} industrial fitness center is greatest. And also you’d sort of be proper. Industrial gyms have the widest number of workouts, and it’s positively good to have entry to a leg press machine, cables, barbells, and dumbbells. However you possibly can achieve simply as a lot muscle and energy with a barbell or dumbbell residence fitness center, and your exercises might be equally environment friendly.

In the event you can’t practice at a industrial fitness center or construct a house fitness center, we advocate beginning with body weight coaching. It’s nice for constructing muscle. The primary draw back is that it hurts. And it may also be a bit extra sophisticated. However if you happen to can robust it out, you’ll do nice.

What Subsequent?

In the event you favored this text, I believe you’d love our muscle-building publicationWe’ll hold you updated on all the newest muscle-building data for girls. Or, if you need us to stroll you thru the method of gaining muscle and energy, together with instructing you the workouts, supplying you with a structured 5-month exercise program, an entire food plan information, a recipe e-book, and on-line teaching/customization, take a look at our Bony to Bombshell Program.

Shane Duquette is the co-founder of Outlift, Bony to Beastly, and Bony to Bombshell, and has a level in design from York College in Toronto, Canada. He is gained sixty kilos at 11% physique fats and has over ten years of expertise serving to over 10,000 skinny folks construct muscle, get stronger, and achieve weight.

Cassandra González Duquette is an authorized nutritionist (CNP) who studied on the Institute of Holistic Vitamin in Toronto, Canada. She’s personally gained 22 kilos, going from 97 as much as 119 kilos.



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