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Variation: Abused and Misunderstood

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In my final submit, I did a reasonably deep dive on the subject of Specificity.

Among the factors we lined there embody:

  • Competitors is the epitome of specificity

  • Too many packages enterprise too removed from particular coaching

  • Specificity will be onerous to outline for sports activities which might be at all times altering, however there’s nonetheless a lowest widespread denominator that we are able to look to coach nearly all of the time.

Each step away from specificity is a type of Variation, the subject of this submit.

A lot of the coaching packages that I see athletes come into the gymnasium with are essentially flawed in the best way that they abuse variation and overlook specificity.

The Specificity-Variation Spectrum

If competitors is the epitome of specificity, then arguably there’s nothing that we are able to do that will be extra particular than that.

This places competitors on the tip of a theoretical spectrum.

Each departure or deviation from the competitors is a type of variation, placing excessive variation on the reverse finish of this spectrum.

Competitors affords us an easy definition for specificity, however variation doesn’t have a straightforward definition. The quantity and nature of a coaching program’s potential variation is infinite, so there actually isn’t any finish to the spectrum.

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Necessity of Variation

When specificity and variation, I like to consider them by way of alternative value.

Once you kind the time period into google, the definition that pops up is “the lack of potential acquire from different alternate options when one various is chosen.”

For those who select one possibility, what are you shedding by not selecting a special possibility?

Coaching must be as particular as potential, till the chance value of a variation turns into larger than the advantages you may yield from that particular type of coaching.

Soccer Instance

I used soccer for example within the final submit, so I’ll follow that to display what I’m speaking about.

If I take a 14 12 months outdated child that has by no means performed the sport earlier than, simply getting him on the sphere and instructing him the way to play a recreation goes to be the quickest approach for him to enhance.

He’ll go from no understanding and no particular expertise, to figuring out how the sport works and what he and his physique have to do to play the sport. Extremely particular coaching works right here for some time.

As we watch him play, we notice that he wants some vital work on his tackling expertise.

We might proceed to play the sport, arguably essentially the most particular coaching obtainable to him, but it surely might take hours of recreation play for him to determine the methods on his personal.

Alternatively, with 20 minutes of centered consideration to tackling approach, we might make far larger strides in his recreation general.

The chance value of enjoying extra video games is simply too nice. We should incorporate variation to get this child higher as effectively as potential.

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Variation for Particular Athletes

Let’s carry the dialog again to powerlifting, the place specificity means lifting on meet day and variation is each deviation from there.

As athletes start their powerlifting coaching, they’ll see essentially the most enchancment from heavy lifting with the massive three. Extremely particular coaching.

What ought to occur by the coaching course of is one in all two issues.

  1. Weaknesses kind, impairing an athletes means to carry out the motion with good approach.

  2. Plateaus happen, the place the physique accommodates to the coaching and now not compensates to the stressor.

Variation is available in at both of those two factors, serving to the athlete to proceed to see progress and power acquire within the huge three.

Every athlete will probably be barely totally different in the best way that variation must be approached right now. Amongst different issues, we should take into account:

  • What was their particular weak point?

  • What train can we load them with that may assault the weak point most effectively?

  • Is there a couple of weak point? Can they be labored concurrently or ought to one be prioritized?

Nobody can actually reply these questions with 100% certainty, however a superb coach could make educated guesses and purpose by the outcomes.

Finally, even with this included variation, the physique will accommodate once more and additional variation might be wanted to keep up progress.

Odin's Boys Strongman Program (3).png

Customized Applications

This strategy of discovering essentially the most acceptable variations, determining how lengthy to include them, after which in the end the way to stability them with extra particular coaching means, finally leads to a extremely custom-made coaching program.

Once we consider variation as extra than simply train choice, then the diploma to which a coaching program will be custom-made is somewhat daunting to consider.

Components like frequency, quantity and coaching depth all suggest deviating from the competitors setting. Nailing down these variables turns into the coaching program.

The Dialog because it Applies to Strongman

The Specificity-Variation spectrum is tougher to visualise when each contest is totally different.

Once you don’t know what occasions you’re prone to be doing within the subsequent strongman contest, how are you going to outline specificity?

What we do at ATR, and what I believe have to be performed, is we attempt to lump the potential occasions of the game into as few buckets as potential, after which discover an train that may act as a type of widespread denominator for the entire bucket.

That leaves us coaching all occasions, with as little variation as potential.

As soon as we’ve chosen a contest, and we all know what the occasions are, we are able to shift to a perspective far more just like the one you’d have teaching a powerlifter.

Even nonetheless, the chance prices should nonetheless be analyzed. For those who pull out your widespread denominators too early for a contest train that’s extra parlor trick than train, you’re may lose a number of potential kilos on contest day.

Custom Training Program (1).png


The Specificity-Variation spectrum exists with competitors on one finish, and the abyss of infinite variation choices on the opposite.

Coaching must be as particular as potential for effectivity of beneficial properties. Variation must be included strategically, contemplating the timing and the character of that variation.

When the potential beneficial properties by a variation develop into larger than these by extra particular work, the chance value is simply too nice and the variation must be included.

This results in extremely custom-made coaching packages. The customizations are going to probably be predictable primarily based on issues like athlete age, coaching age, athlete dimension, relative power, and so on. They are going to nonetheless be custom-made nonetheless.

For Strongman, particular coaching will be regarded as the widespread denominator of particular classifications of various Strongman occasions.

As soon as the competition is chosen, what was particular turns into different, and if it makes essentially the most sense coaching particularly for the competition ought to take precedence.

In case you have questions or feedback, make sure you go away them beneath. You may also attain out to me straight by way of [email protected], by Fb or Instagram.

Dial it in and get focused. Time to improve. 

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Some Colorado Strongmen came up north today for some training and managed to take our 400 sandbag for a ride! Moved a yoke and a log too. Fun day!!

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You want me to carry this how far!?

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The next FNS is here! We're going out to the parking lot for Farmer's Carries! We'll start with basic technique like grip position and turns, then push each other to the limit! 

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Pick it up. Put it down. Over and over and over until we're tired. 

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Strongman is a community that goes wider and deeper than just a single gym. Gotta get out there! 

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Down at @imagineathletes ready to pick stuff up and put it down!! 

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Matts excited!! Are you!?

Yoke night is here! See you at 6. 

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Friday Night Strongman is here on Friday!! 

Beginners are welcome! Free to jump in! We start teaching basics and move on to see what we can do. 

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@xxmark101kxx stepping in for a big Anderson Squat with a yoke.

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