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The advantages and makes use of of Kinesio tape in rehabilitation and athletic settings

Varied makes use of of Kinesio tape

The ‘stretch and elevate’

Kinesio tape can stretch to anyplace between 100-180% of its authentic size. That’s what actually units it aside with regards to different tapes in sports activities and rehabilitation. The stretch not solely permits it to contour to totally different physique components, but it surely creates a recoil of the pores and skin. This recoil acts to drag the pores and skin nearer from the tape’s origin website to the place it ends.

With this, a small elevate or decompression of the pores and skin is created which relieves stress on the world the place the tape is utilized. This proposed elevate could permit the related muscle groups, joints and tendons to have extra room for smoother contraction and stretch.

Decompression and ache

The proposed decompression of the pores and skin can result in plenty of optimistic influences on it. Reduction from stress is at the beginning. Inside our pores and skin and underlying tissues, we’ve a mess of receptors together with these answerable for ache. By relieving the stress in between the pores and skin layers, we modify or dampen the ache sign that goes from our pores and skin to our mind.

Together with this, the decompression permits fluids beneath the pores and skin like blood and lymphatic fluids (important within the restoration course of) to flow into extra freely with out as a lot interruption. 

Sensory enter and efficiency

The elevate of the pores and skin can change what data will get to the mind, together with ache enter as said beforehand. This modification can doubtlessly assist in lowering the emotions of tightness in muscle groups or ache from related set off factors in muscle groups. Together with these, some athletes believe having the tape on their pores and skin acts as safety – realizing the tape is current on an injured space could permit some athletes to really feel extra assured of their talents to beat the harm.

Amongst some practitioners and rehabilitation professionals, there’s a perception that Kinesio tape may also present an precise enchancment in efficiency. This will happen from the Kinesio tape offering assist together with slight stress to unstable joints or painful muscle groups. This sense of stress can assist to facilitate muscle contraction as effectively and make the athlete really feel stronger.

Though this can be felt from a subjective perspective, there’s a lack of proof primarily based analysis on Kinesio tape’s optimistic impact on efficiency.


The identical will also be mentioned for supporting weaker areas of the physique. The tape offers additional assist with a joint’s regular motion – this will assist to assist fatigued areas and defend them from additional harm or compensatory patterns. 

It could possibly additionally present assist for tendons, which tackle the load from our our bodies and forces from the bottom. The patellar tendon is a typical supply of ache for athletes who run and bounce, together with people who sit for extended intervals of time.

Tape may be utilized to elevate and assist the patella, and acts much like a patellar strap or brace.

One other frequent space for assist taping is on the foot. 

With flat toes or decrease arches, the navicular bone, which is situated on the within of the foot, sits decrease than it ought to secondary to the peak of the arch. A sling can be utilized to ‘elevate’ the navicular and subsequently elevate the arch. This provides assist and safety to the foot.

Physique consciousness

Kinesio tape is utilized to offer suggestions for the place our physique and posture is located in area. That is by means of proprioceptive enter, which helps our our bodies perceive the place they’re positioned. Rehabilitation professionals will use the tape to cue a affected person or consumer 

to maintain them in a corrective place or posture. An instance of that is on the higher again and posterior shoulders – Kinesio tape is positioned in an X style from the highest of the shoulder towards the backbone in a downward route and crossed.

This may permit the tape to drag and create a sense of stretch when the affected person rolls right into a ahead head/rounded shoulders place. This acts to drag the affected person again to a scapular retracted and upright posture. 

One other instance is with decrease again ache. Kinesio tape is positioned on the muscle groups of the lumbar backbone whereas the backbone is flexed with a view to present suggestions for individuals who could stoop over of their chair or whereas standing.

Once more, the Kinesio tape is appearing as a reminder to remain extra upright and out of positions that may trigger ache with the stretch of the tape.


Kinesio tape may be minimize and manipulated with a view to promote a discount in swelling in varied areas of the physique. The goal for the tape is an injured space that’s swollen and could also be discoloured. The tape is minimize in a crossover sample with strips that mimic lymphatic channels.

The thought right here is the tape offers the elevate of the pores and skin which creates area in between the layers of pores and skin. This adjustments the stress gradient in these layers of pores and skin which boosts the circulation inside the lymphatic system. These channels run by means of our connective tissue and permit our physique to cope with extra fluid.

This may be helpful with acute and continual harm in addition to recovering from strenuous train and coaching. 

Scar administration

Kinesio tape may be positioned on and round closed scars for a mess of causes comparable to bettering aesthetics, lowering ache and bettering pliability of the scar. Scars which can be current after an harm or surgical process develop into an interruption within the pores and skin’s layers which have an effect on how the gentle tissue in and round it contracts and stretches. This will have an effect on your vary of movement of the related space, which might additionally impact your power.

Taping over and/or round a closed scar introduces a shearing or therapeutic massage impact to all of the layers of the scar. With this, we will additionally have an effect on the encompassing tissue and impact the general motion of the related extremity or area. The objective right here is to encourage correct alignment of the tissues affected in and across the scar. It is very important know you shouldn’t place tape over open wounds or immature scars which can be lower than six weeks post-injury. 

Nerve entrapment

Our nervous system has a novel relationship to our muscular system. For plenty of causes, a nerve can develop into irritated and/or compressed and influence the muscle groups it provides sensory and motor perform to. This will trigger ache, weak point and numbness, or tingling into the leg or arm relying on the nerve affected. The tape may be utilized alongside the size of the nerve, from its most proximal to distal level in a stretched place. By this, the pores and skin is lifted, permitting the nerve to glide and slide smoother in its monitor that it runs by means of.

In essence, this helps to lower the irritation permitting for improved perform. It could be troublesome to carry out this method with out the assistance of a rehabilitation skilled.



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