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The 20 Greatest Biceps Workouts for Better Development

Massive biceps sign to the world that you just’ve put in some severe sweat fairness on the gymnasium. The biceps are small muscle groups, however rising them takes time, data, and clever programming. However the biceps don’t simply look good — they serve an actual perform. The following time you decide up your child or carry out an ideal pull-up, that’s your biceps at work.

The excellent news for you is coaching the biceps is fairly easy — you curl, curl, and curl some extra. That mentioned, sure workouts get the job executed higher than others.

A shirtless person doing dumbbell biceps curls.
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That can assist you determine which is greatest for you, we’ve culled 20 of the greatest biceps workouts into one record. You’ll additionally get extra information on the muscle itself and learn to incorporate biceps coaching into your routine. 

Greatest Biceps Workouts

Editor’s Observe: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, however it shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or weight loss plan, it’s at all times a good suggestion to seek the advice of a trusted medical skilled. We’re not a medical useful resource. The opinions and articles on this website usually are not supposed to be used as analysis, prevention, and/or therapy of well being issues. They don’t seem to be substitutes for consulting a professional medical skilled.

Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is a basic biceps-builder. This train targets the biceps and may add severe dimension and power to your complete muscle when executed accurately. You’ll be able to curl extra weight with the barbell curl than different curl variations as you’re lifting a singular implement with each palms. 

It’s additionally easy to do. Merely load up a barbell, maintain it in each palms, and carry it towards your chin. Rinse and repeat.

Methods to Do the Barbell Curl

  1. Seize a barbell with an underhand grip, barely wider than the shoulders. 
  2. Pull your shoulders again into their sockets to show the fronts of your biceps. Your elbows ought to be beneath your shoulder joints, or barely in entrance by your ribs. 
  3. Curl the barbell up utilizing your biceps. 

Coach’s Tip: Ensure that to not let your torso lean ahead, shoulders collapse ahead, or elbows slide backward to the aspect of your physique. As a substitute, they need to keep barely in entrance of your shoulders.

Units and Reps: With reasonable to heavy weight, do three to 4 units of six to 12 reps.

Advantages of the Barbell Curl

  • It’s easy and efficient. The barbell curl gives a small studying curve. It’s excellent for freshmen however extra superior lifters will nonetheless profit from the essential mechanics.
  • You’ll construct stronger biceps extra shortly as you’re capable of load your biceps with extra weight.


The chin-up is a body weight train that may induce severe muscle progress of the biceps (and again) with nothing however a pull-up bar. In case you have a door-mounted pull-up bar in your private home gymnasium, then that’s all it’s worthwhile to bang out units of chin-ups

Because the lifter pulls their very own physique weight, the biceps are normally uncovered to masses heavier than one can carry with a barbell. Nevertheless, lifters might carry out these incorrectly, participating their shoulder and grip muscle groups. Be sure to’re preserving your emphasis in your biceps by participating your core and pulling your shoulder blades again and down. 

Methods to Do the Chin-Up

  1. Cling from a bar with palms going through you and your palms about shoulder-width aside or barely wider.
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades collectively from a lifeless cling.
  3. Pull your physique up, ensuring to not let your physique fold inward till your chin is at or above the bar.

Coach’s Tip: Think about drawing your elbows down and again barely into your again pockets.

fSets and Reps: Utilizing a resistance band to help you if wanted, carry out three to 5 units of as many reps as doable.

Advantages of the Chin-Up

EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

Curling on a preacher bench lengthens the train’s vary of movement. Consequently, the biceps can be beneath pressure for an extended time frame, which normally equates to extra muscle progress.

Utilizing an EZ bar, which turns your palms inwards, makes the transfer extra snug in your wrists. It additionally shifts the angle of the train to focus on totally different muscle fibers within the biceps.

Methods to Do the EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

  1. Sit down on a preacher bench and relaxation the again of your triceps on the pad. Set your physique in the identical place because the commonplace barbell biceps curl.
  2. Grasp the EZ bar deal with on the internal angled items. This can place your palms barely narrower than shoulder-width and on a semi-supinated angle. 
  3. Curl the bar upward by flexing your biceps. Briefly pause on the prime of the curl and squeeze your biceps. Decrease the burden beneath management.

Coach’s Tip: Hold your physique locked into place all through every rep.

Units and Reps: With a reasonable to heavy weight, carry out three to 4 units of eight to 12 reps.

Advantages of the EZ-Bar Preacher Curl

  • Utilizing the preacher bench creates an extended vary of movement and subsequently extra muscular pressure for extra biceps progress. 
  • The EZ bar is extra snug in your wrists, permitting you to focus in your muscle groups.

Hammer Curl

The hammer curl has the lifter curl dumbbells with their palms going through one another. This impartial wrist place is extra snug and permits the lifter to hoist extra weight, as athletes are usually stronger with a neutral-grip place. 

This transfer additionally targets the biceps brachialis and brachioradialis (outer biceps and forearm) for extra arm thickness. This can be advantageous whether or not you’re trying to construct out your physique or craft a powerful grip to assist huge deadlifts.

Methods to Do the Hammer Curl

  1. Maintain a dumbbell in every hand whereas standing. 
  2. Flip your wrists in order that they’re going through one another. 
  3. Hold your arms tucked in at your sides and flex your elbows to curl the dumbbells up in the direction of your shoulders. Decrease them again down with management.

Coach’s Tip: Give attention to squeezing your biceps on the prime of every rep to take advantage of this transfer.

Units and Reps: With reasonable to heavy weight, do three to 4 units of eight to 12 reps.

Advantages of the Hammer Curl

  • The impartial wrist place is extra snug.
  • You’ll be able to carry extra weight with the hammer curl, so, over time, you accumulate extra muscle-building quantity.
  • The hammer curl targets the internal biceps muscle and the forearm to construct denser arms.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

To carry out the incline dumbbell curl, you’ll have to lie again on an incline gymnasium bench. Curling from an incline takes the momentum out of the equation in order that the lifter can’t cheat the burden up. 

Secondly, curling with lengthened, prolonged arms creates an extended vary of movement, in the end making this curl variation more practical.

Methods to Do the Incline Dumbbell Curl

  1. Lie again on an incline bench, angled at about 60 levels, with a dumbbell in every hand. Let your arms cling in order that they’re totally prolonged.
  2. Curl the burden up with out transferring your shoulders. 
  3. Maintain on the prime of the motion for a couple of second, then slowly decrease the dumbbells with management.

Coach’s Tip: Preserve contact between the backs of your shoulders and the bench.

Units and Reps: With reasonable weight, carry out two to a few units of eight to fifteen reps.

Advantages of the Incline Dumbbell Curl

  • The incline dumbbell curl eliminates momentum, forcing the lifter to keep up a strict curling kind.
  • Lifting with prolonged arms will increase the train’s vary of movement for extra muscular pressure.

Going through-Away Cable Curl

To carry out the facing-away cable curl, the lifter wants to face going through away between the 2 cables of a purposeful coach or cable tower. You gained’t be capable to see the cable stack, however you’ll be capable to see the beneficial properties.

This setup permits you a similar advantages of the incline dumbbell curl — a better stretch as a result of an extended vary of movement — coupled with the distinctive resistance of the cables, which retains pressure on the muscle all through your complete motion. 

Methods to Do the Going through-Away Cable Curl

  1. Set the handles of the cable pulleys to the bottom setting and fasten D-handles to every pulley. Decide up a deal with in every hand. 
  2. Tense your higher again and let your arms cling in order that they’re totally prolonged. 
  3. Curl the burden with out transferring your shoulders. Maintain the highest of the motion earlier than slowly reducing the handles with management.

Coach’s Tip: Step away from the cable stack far sufficient to really feel resistance from the cables however not sufficient to lose structural integrity throughout your physique.

Units and Reps: Utilizing weight that’s difficult however doesn’t pull you off stability, carry out two to 4 units of 15 to 25 reps.

Advantages of the Going through-Away Cable Curl

  • Barbells lock your arms in place. Cables are cell. Curling with cables lets the lifter line up the resistance with their most popular arm path — permitting for much less discomfort all through the motion.
  • Curling with the cables set behind you will increase the motion’s vary of movement whereas utilizing cables creates extra pressure for a one-two punch of extra general muscle stimulus.
  • This motion is nice for difficult the biceps and loading them of their lengthened vary — a variety that doesn’t get loaded sufficient.

Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

You’re proper to think about this motion as a conventional again train. It’s. That mentioned, much like the chin-up, the supinated grip of this bent-over row variation entails the biceps to an ideal diploma. 

You’ll be able to handle extra weight on the barbell in comparison with different biceps workouts. Additionally, you’ll construct up your biceps at the side of your again muscle groups for extra general muscularity.

Methods to Do the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

  1. Seize a barbell with an underhand grip that’s about shoulder-width aside. 
  2. Assume the right bent-over row place, with the again flat and chest up. 
  3. Row the barbell to your abdomen. Pull with each your again and arms, reducing the burden beneath management and repeating for reps.

Coach’s Tip: You need to use very heavy weights right here. Load up the bar, however be sure you’re not throwing your weight round to cheat each rep.

Units and Reps: With heavy weight, carry out three to 4 units of six to eight reps.

Advantages of the Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Row

  • The reverse-grip bent-over row targets your again muscle groups along with your biceps.
  • You’ll be able to carry extra weight in comparison with different biceps strikes.

Cable Curl

Whenever you curl a dumbbell or barbell, the motion is hardest on the midpoint of the carry for the reason that weight is furthest from the physique. Nevertheless, cables hold pressure on the muscle all through the motion, because the weight stack you’re lifting is suspended all through. 

This provides extra pressure to the muscle for extra progress. You may also connect totally different handles to a cable machine’s pulley to assault your biceps from totally different angles.

Methods to Do the Cable Curl

  1. Connect the specified deal with to the pulley of a cable machine set to the bottom peak. 
  2. Seize the deal with in each palms and take just a few steps again so there’s fixed pressure on the cable (the burden stack ought to be elevated your complete time). 
  3. Curl the bar as much as your chest after which slowly decrease it again down.

Coach’s Tip: Give attention to establishing the angles of your physique and the machine to make sure that the road of pull from the cable helps you to focus intently in your muscle contraction.

Units and Reps: With mild to reasonable weight, carry out two to a few units of 15 to 25 reps.

Advantages of the Cable Curl

  • Curling with a cable masses the biceps with fixed pressure all through the motion.
  • You’ll be able to goal your biceps from totally different angles through the use of totally different handles on the cable machine.
  • Cable curl variations sometimes require much less weight to be efficient (for the reason that pressure is larger all through the vary of movement), so this train is a bit friendlier to your elbow joints.

Focus Curl

The focus curl is all about feeling your biceps work. You sit down on a bench, relaxation your elbow on the within of your thigh, and curl a dumbbell from full extension to contraction.

Lifting with one arm at a time means you’re doing extra general work. Plus, you’ll enable your weaker arm to play catch-up along with your dominant arm. The remoted curling place actually helps you to hone in in your biceps as you curl a lightweight dumbbell.

Methods to Do the Focus Curl

  1. Sit on a bench with your toes set huge sufficient to permit your arm to hold within the center, along with your elbow resting on the within of the thigh. 
  2. Slowly curl a dumbbell upward at a managed tempo, concentrating on contracting the biceps to maneuver the load. On the prime of the motion, flex as exhausting as doable.Decrease the load slowly. 

Coach’s Tip: The bottom line is to not lose pressure on the biceps at any level within the vary of movement.

Units and Reps: Use reasonably heavy weights and carry out two to 4 units of eight to 12 reps per aspect.

Advantages of the Focus Curl

Cable Focus Curl 

As you’ll have deduced by now, changing any free weight with cables is a good way to degree up an already efficient motion. 

Subbing cables for dumbbells for a set of focus curls means extra pressure together with the identical current advantages of the motion — isolation, unilateral focus, and biceps that Arnold Schwarzenegger can be jealous of (not likely, however it’s good to set the bar excessive). 

Methods to Do the Cable Focus Curl

  1. Stand in entrance of a single cable on a purposeful coach or cable tower. With the cable set round chest peak, seize the deal with with a supinated grip (palm going through up), and barely lean your torso ahead. 
  2. Hold pressure in your biceps all by means of the curl to the highest of the motion.
  3. Slowly decrease the load. 

Coach’s Tip: Your working arm ought to be angled throughout the physique when you curl the deal with towards the other ear.

Units and Reps: Utilizing reasonably heavy weight, carry out two to a few units of 12 to twenty reps per aspect.

Advantages of the Cable Focus Curl

  • The flexibility to focus extra intently on the brief head of your biceps. 
  • By specializing in one arm at a time, your weaker aspect will get stronger. It additionally permits you to add selection to your train choice through the use of cables.
  • Using cables over dumbbells alters the resistance profile, altering the place the strain is biggest inside the train.

Excessive Cable Curl

This excessive cable curl variation has the lifter curling the cables whereas their shoulders are flexed and palms are going through up (supinated). The cables can be set simply above shoulder degree whereas performing this train on a purposeful coach or cable tower. 

Curling from a excessive, prolonged arms place is assumed by many to focus on the shorter biceps head, which is what creates that coveted biceps peak.

Methods to Do the Excessive Cable Curl

  1. Set a cable pulley to about shoulder peak and fasten D-handles to every pulley. 
  2. Stand between the pulleys and lift your arms to shoulder degree, preserving your higher arms parallel to the bottom.
  3. Curl the handles towards your head, then slowly decrease the load again to the beginning place.

Coach’s Tip: Preserve your shoulder place all through the vary of movement, not permitting your elbows to dip. Hold pressure in your higher again to assist hold shoulders steady and arm place fixed, driving up pressure in your biceps.

Units and Reps: Use a weight that you could management whereas sustaining your higher arm place. Do two to a few units of 15 to twenty reps.

Advantages of the Excessive Cable Curl

  • The excessive cable curl provides the power to focus and practice each arms directly whereas nonetheless having a unilateral stimulus.
  • Utilizing cables over dumbbells permits for an altered arm path, creating new stress on the biceps — difficult them of their contracted, shortened place.
  • Cables supply accommodating resistance, sustaining fixed pressure in your muscle groups all through the vary of movement.

Cable Rope Supinating Curl

This low cable curl variation has the lifter curling with and twisting a rope attachment, prioritizing each features of the biceps brachii muscle — supination and elbow flexion. 

Since you’re standing farther away from the machine, your biceps can be beneath pressure for your complete motion. Twisting your palms inward towards your face will create much more biceps pressure (which you’ll completely really feel). 

Methods to Do the Cable Rope Supinating Curl

  1. Stand in entrance of a single cable on a purposeful coach or cable tower. Set the cable to a decrease setting with either side of the rope attachment in your palms (palms going through one another). 
  2. Begin the curling movement by flexing your elbows (bringing your palms up towards your shoulders). 
  3. Rotate (supinate) your palms to face up a couple of third of the best way into the curl. 

Coach’s Tip: Be sure to’re ready till you’re a 3rd of the best way into every rep to rotate your palms. This ensures the muscle groups answerable for supination can kick in whereas the resistance is on them.

Units and Reps: With reasonable weight, carry out two to a few units of 15 to twenty reps.

Advantages of the Cable Rope Supinating Curl

  • This transfer has the power to coach each major features of the biceps brachii — supination and elbow flexion.
  • Utilizing cables permits for constant resistance throughout your complete vary of movement.

Cable Hammer Curl

This variation, the place you’ll carry two D-handles with a impartial grip, helps you to carry extra weight than a normal cable curl. You’ll curl the handles all the best way up and down, preserving your palms in a impartial place. 

Since you’re squeezing the handles exhausting, you’ll additionally activate quite a lot of the muscle groups in your forearms for a grip enhance. To extend activation of the forearm muscle groups much more, you possibly can add fats grips to the handles.

Methods to Do the Cable Hammer Curl

  1. Place the cables in a low setting on the cable stack.
  2. Grip every deal with with a impartial grip (palms going through one another). Take a step again and interact the higher again to add stability to the higher physique.
  3. Curl the burden up. Preserve a impartial grip (palms going through one another). Slowly decrease the burden after you attain the highest of the curl.

Coach’s Tip: Take note of your muscle groups right here. Squeeze and contract when you attain the highest of the motion.

Units and Reps: Use a reasonably heavy weight to carry out two to a few units of 15 to twenty reps.

Advantages of the Cable Hammer Curl

  • You’ll practice muscle groups of the forearm — most notably the brachioradialis — and likewise muscle groups of the higher arm, just like the brachialis and brief head of the biceps.
  • Utilizing cables maintains a constant degree of resistance all through every a part of the train.
  • This can be a nice variation to make use of as part of an even bigger biceps superset or large set.

Twin Cable Preacher Curl

This preacher curl variation makes use of a twin cable setup on a purposeful coach. The preacher curl comes with many advantages — specifically, the opposing power created by the preacher bench. 

The twin cable preacher curl provides the cables’ distinctive resistance to working with a preacher bench, permitting for accommodating resistance throughout your complete vary of movement. This permits for extra high-quality time beneath pressure — an enormous key for muscle-building.

Methods to Do the Twin Cable Preacher Curl

  1. Arrange a preacher bench roughly three to 5 toes away from a cable tower with two cable pulleys. Set the pulleys in order that they’re barely decrease than the bench. Sit on the preacher bench and have a coaching accomplice hand you each handles. 
  2. Place your elbows in order that they relaxation over the pad. 
  3. Slowly decrease your arms till your elbows are practically locked out, then curl the burden again up. 

Coach’s Tip: Should you don’t have a coaching accomplice or coach to provide the handles, use your physique’s momentum to shift the burden into the beginning place for the primary rep.

Units and Reps: Use a reasonable weight that you could management. Do three to 4 units of 15 to twenty reps.

Advantages of the Twin Cable Preacher Curl

  • The exterior stability from the bench provides you the assist it’s worthwhile to deal with transferring the burden with out an excessive amount of concern about kind.
  • Utilizing cables offers a constant degree of resistance all through the vary of movement, which is a good muscle-building recipe.
  • It may be used for a mess of rep ranges, constructing muscle and power in your biceps.

TRX Suspension Curl

This curl variation is nice for anybody with restricted entry to free weights, cables, and machines. Like different suspension-based workouts, you may also simply modify the issue of the train by adjusting your physique place — the extra upright your physique place, the simpler it will likely be. 

Since you are solely utilizing body weight as your resistance, altering the rep tempo can enhance the time beneath pressure in your biceps.

Methods to Do the TRX Suspension Curl

  1. Safe the TRX suspension to an anchor overhead
  2. Seize maintain of the handles and take just a few steps ahead towards the anchor level.
  3. Lean again, preserving your backbone impartial and your hips and shoulders aligned
  4. Curl your physique weight up.

Coach’s Tip: To extend the issue of the train, modify your physique place. The additional you lean again, the extra of your physique weight you’ll resist through the motion. If you wish to make the train simpler, you possibly can place your physique to be extra upright.

Units and Reps: Carry out three to 4 units to failure, adjusting your foot place as wanted.

Advantages of the TRX Suspension Curl

EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

This train has the lifter use a semi-pronated grip on an EZ bar. To be semi-pronated on this context refers back to the center level between pronated (palms going through down) and impartial (palms going through one another). The form of the EZ bar permits for this distinctive grip adjustment.

You’ll curl the bar up whereas sustaining your shoulder place and preserving your elbows to your aspect. The one motion ought to come from the forearm and biceps muscle groups flexing the elbow. This curl variation trains the forearm and higher arm muscle groups — most notably the brachialis and brachioradialis — serving to enhance dimension and bolster grip power.

Methods to Do the EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

  1. Grip an EZ bar with every hand along with your palms going through down (or greatest match to the slanted half on the bar). 
  2. Hold your arms tucked in at your sides.
  3. Flex at your elbows to twist the bar up in the direction of your shoulders. Decrease the bar again down with management.

Coach’s Tip: Take a second to discover the optimum grip in your limb size and hand dimension earlier than beginning your units in earnest.

Units and Reps: Use a reasonable weight and carry out two to 4 units of eight to fifteen reps.

Advantages of the EZ-Bar Reverse Curl

  • This transfer forces your biceps and forearms to work very exhausting.
  • Cambered EZ bars are simple to seek out in gyms throughout the globe, so it’s a comparatively accessible curling variation.
  • This variation can practice and add dimension to the forearms.

Spider Curl

Should you’re afraid of the creature this biceps curl variation is called after, don’t fear — no arachnids want to hitch within the enjoyable. As a substitute, you’ll be channeling their vitality by making your arms so long as doable as you arrange in your curl.

You’ll be in roughly the identical place as with an incline susceptible row, mendacity in your chest on an incline bench. You need to use dumbbells, a barbell, or an EZ bar. Whichever you select, reap the benefits of the exterior assist to channel each ounce of vitality towards your biceps.

Methods to Do the Spider Curl

  1. Arrange an incline bench in order that if you lie on it face down, your arms can simply barely attain weights on the bottom. (Use steady weight plates to boost the bench if wanted.)
  2. Lie on the bench going through the bottom, along with your chest supported and your head extending excessive.
  3. Attain down to seize your chosen implement securely then reestablish a steady beginning place.
  4. Curl the implement utilizing solely your biceps, avoiding any momentum.

Coach’s Tip: Bear down in your core as you put together for every rep. This can permit you to focus as a lot as doable in your biceps through the carry itself.

Units and Reps: Use a reasonably heavy weight, aiming for 2 to a few units of eight to 10 reps. Hit failure with every set.

Advantages of the Spider Curl

  • By mendacity on a bench, you’ll externally stabilize your physique. This leaves all of your vitality in your biceps.
  • Your arms can be totally prolonged on the backside of every rep, so you possibly can transfer by means of your whole vary of movement.
  • Because you’ll be externally stabilized, you possibly can safely load this up pretty heavy for added stimulus.

Zottman Curl

If you wish to construct larger biceps, you want forearms that may assist all that additional weight. Enter the Zottman curl — your new go-to for constructing each forearms and biceps.

It would take you a minute to get used to the motion sample right here. However when you’ve gotten the cling of the rhythm, you’ll really feel your forearms preventing on the eccentric whereas your biceps fireplace up on the concentric portion. A win-win for larger all-around arms.

Methods to Do the Zottman Curl

  1. Take maintain of the dumbbells along with your palms going through up. Curl as ordinary.
  2. Rotate your palms in order that your palms are going through down when you attain the highest of your rep.
  3. Decrease the weights slowly and with management. When your arms lengthen, rotate your palms once more so your palms are going through up. 

Coach’s Tip: Transfer as slowly as you possibly can handle on the eccentric portion. Squeeze your biceps exhausting on the prime of every rep.

Units and Reps: Use a weight that you could management with a reverse grip on the best way down. Carry out two to a few units of six to 10 reps with a really sluggish eccentric (reducing) section.

Advantages of the Zottman Curl

  • This motion will emphasize your forearms through the eccentric portion, which is essential for forearm progress.
  • The Zottman curl trains each your forearms and biceps straight inside the identical rep.
  • Since you’ll be pausing on the prime to rotate your palms, you’ll get an additional cue to squeeze your biceps.

Arnold Curl

Whenever you set as much as do the Arnold curl, you gymnasium buddies would possibly take a look at you such as you’re doing it fallacious. The atypical set-up might have you ever doubting whether or not you’re lifting accurately, too.

However in case you’re sustaining a impartial torso and preserving your higher arm perpendicular to the bottom, you’re probably in good condition. Be sure to’re utilizing a lighter weight than your ego would possibly name for to make sure that you could keep this place by means of every rep.

Methods to Do the Arnold Curl

  1. Arrange an incline bench at an angle someplace between the arrange for a seated overhead press and an incline bench press.
  2. Stand behind the bench and brace the forearm of your free hand throughout the highest of the bench. Stagger your toes (with the foot on the aspect of your curling arm additional again).
  3. Lean ahead as you do for a single-arm dumbbell row. Maintain the dumbbell along with your hand hanging perpendicular to the ground.
  4. Curl from this place, preserving your higher arm perpendicular to the bottom.

Coach’s Tip: Use a lighter weight at first to be sure you’re capable of keep a gradual, steady higher arm all through all of your reps.

Units and Reps: With reasonable weight, carry out two to a few units of 10 to 12 reps with management.

Advantages of the Arnold Curl

  • Your whole physique can be braced all through the hassle, giving your complete physique consideration throughout this single-joint transfer.
  • The Arnold curl forces you to concentrate to your higher arm place, which will increase your mind-muscle connection to your biceps.
  • Your place will power you to deal with respiration, which might help you eke out extra environment friendly reps.

Curl 21

The 21s methodology isn’t a carry in and of itself, however we’d be remiss if we didn’t put it on an inventory of biceps-builders. You’ll be able to carry out practically any biceps motion with this methodology — and it’s an actual arm developer.

You’ll reap the benefits of partial vary of movement coaching for 14 of your 21 reps right here. The ultimate seven reps — true scorchers — can have you progress by means of your complete vary of movement. This implies you’ll be hitting your biceps in any respect ranges.

Methods to Do the Curl 21

  1. Arrange with a barbell or dumbbells as you’ll for the standard curl.
  2. Carry out seven half reps, solely elevating the burden to 90 levels.
  3. Do seven extra half reps, this time transferring between 90 levels (the halfway mark of a conventional curl) and the highest finish of the vary of movement.
  4. Carry out seven extra commonplace reps, transferring the burden by means of your complete vary of movement. 

Coach’s Tip: Keep away from utilizing any momentum or swinging motions, no matter fatigue degree. Use a lighter weight if you end up dishonest each or most reps.

Units and Reps: Do one or two units of a single rep. Every “rep” right here includes 21 reps — 14 with a partial vary of movement and 7 with a full vary of movement. 

Advantages of the Curl 21

  • Every “rep” is comprised of 21 repetitions — so even one or two units provides you with a excessive coaching quantity.
  • You’ll carry out 14 reps at a partial vary of movement and 7 with a full vary, so that you’ll be getting ample observe at each forms of lifts.
  • This methodology of coaching teaches you to maneuver with none momentum, which is essential for biceps progress.

Biceps Heat-Up

Whenever you consider biceps exercises, you most likely don’t consider doing a particular warm-up. However devoting a while and vitality to priming your biceps particularly can go a good distance towards decreasing harm threat. You’ll enhance the blood circulation to the encompassing tissues — your elbows and joints — prepping your biceps for motion.

  • Seated Biceps Stretch: 1 x 30-45 seconds per aspect
  • Wrist Roll: 1 x 30-45 seconds per course
  • Kneeling Forearm Rock: 1 x 30-45 seconds
  • Train-Particular Ramp-Up Set: 1-2 x 8 reps

Despite the fact that you don’t max out on biceps workouts, you’ll be doing one or two ramp-up units for every motion. This helps make sure that your elbow joints are prepared to maneuver within the explicit sample required by every separate train.

Methods to Prepare Your Biceps

As for how usually to coach your biceps, you need to purpose to get in about 10 to 14 whole units per week. Should you’re a gymnasium beginner, begin with eight units per week. The biceps are small muscle groups with solely two major features, in order that they don’t require a hefty quantity of labor to spark progress.

A person in a black shirt working on his biceps.

One possibility for coaching your biceps is to pair them collectively along with your triceps. These are antagonistic muscle groups — your biceps flex your elbows and your triceps lengthen your elbows). 

You may also save your biceps coaching for after your again exercise. Should you observe a push, pull, legs cut up, you would possibly decide to do biceps workouts after your pulling day. Since your biceps are recruited in most upper-body pulling actions, it is sensible to tack them onto that day since they’ll already be a bit fatigued.

Train Choice

Selecting the best train for the aim is like selecting out the fitting instrument for the job — it’s important to your success. 

You’ll have to do some math to determine what number of workouts to coach per session. Say you practice your biceps twice per week on the max set suggestion of 14. You’ll carry out seven units of biceps work per exercise. You might do three workouts, performing three units for the primary two and two higher-rep units on the third train. Usually, purpose to do three to 4 units per motion.

When selecting workouts to carry out, you need to decide workouts that:

  • Give ample load to the muscle with out extreme stress on the encompassing joints.
  • Line up the resistance with the muscle(s) you need to practice.
  • Let you practice round pre-existing accidents or limitations.
  • Might be carried out with the tools in your gymnasium house.

Relating to coaching the biceps, dumbbells and cable variations sometimes rank over fixed-barbell ones because of the skill to regulate your setup and approach to your construction. Backside line: if it causes you joint ache, there’s almost certainly a greater train to make use of to get the job executed.

Units and Reps

You’re not going to max out along with your workouts for biceps. However that’s to not say you’re not going to go exhausting. You’ll be able to use pretty heavy weights if you’re trying to amp up your power. However bear in mind to problem your self even with the comparatively mild weights you’ll use to construct endurance.

  • For Power: Do three to 6 units of six to eight reps with heavy weight. 
  • For Muscle Development: Do three to 6 units of six to 12 reps with reasonable weight.
  • For Endurance: Carry out three to 5 units of 12-20 reps with low to reasonable weight.

Whole Quantity and Frequency

Coaching quantity refers back to the quantity of train or work carried out over a given time frame, whether or not that’s the coaching session or per week of coaching. Frequency refers to how usually you might be coaching a particular muscle group every week.

A person in a sports bra working on their biceps.
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Eight to 14 units per week is commonly an ideal place to begin for anybody trying to develop their biceps. Extra superior trainees may probably exceed 14 units per week if their aim is to develop their cussed biceps. Do not forget that additionally, you will have overlapping quantity from different workouts, like pulling actions when coaching your again

There’s a restrict to how a lot you are able to do per exercise whereas nonetheless being productive. Should you discover your efficiency dropping off, it might assist to separate up among the coaching quantity to a day later within the week. A coaching frequency of two to a few periods per week has been really helpful to assist maximize muscle progress. (1

Biceps Coaching Ideas

Your biceps play an essential function in on a regular basis life and play a pivotal function in higher physique coaching — most notably again coaching. When coaching your biceps to develop or get stronger, there are a handful of guidelines that may aid you enhance your efficiency whereas limiting the chance of harm.


Establishing pressure within the higher again (between the shoulder blades) through the setup of an train might help add stability to your higher physique throughout biceps workouts. Elevated stability — exterior (outdoors the physique) or inner (contained in the physique) — might help you produce extra important pressure throughout an train, resulting in elevated efficiency and extra high quality coaching quantity.

Prepare By a Full Vary of Movement

To reap the full advantages of coaching the biceps (or any muscle), it’s worthwhile to make sure you totally contract the muscle by lifting by means of a whole vary of movement. Totally different workouts current barely totally different angles and ranges of movement — however a basic rule of thumb is to totally lengthen your arm after which curl the burden to your deltoid. 

The tools you utilize issues, too. Free weights (barbells and dumbbells) normally tax the biceps of their mid-range place, as these instruments are heaviest after they’re farthest from the physique.

A person in a sports bra working on their biceps.
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Workouts that make the most of cables present essentially the most even type of resistive pressure, making use of the resistance straight according to the cable itself. In addition they permit you to modify the peak of the deal with or attachments, additional manipulating the resistance.

Machines have a set resistance profile (the place the train hits peak resistance inside the vary of movement) as a result of how the machine is constructed. Relying on the machine — or your physique place in a cable variation — the resistance will be shifted away from the mid-range and extra towards the extremes, including selection and flexibility to your coaching.

To maximise your biceps coaching, you need to make the most of a mess of coaching strategies, together with free weights, cables, and machines.

Hold Your Elbows Mounted

A typical mistake in biceps coaching is permitting the elbows to create unintentional momentum and shoulder motion by not remaining mounted all through the train. Pointless elbow motion can take focus away out of your biceps and your general higher physique stability whereas probably resulting in the next threat of harm.

Use Momentum — Generally 

In case your aim is constructing muscle and power — and even endurance — creating and sustaining important quantities of pressure within the goal muscle(s) is crucial for exciting optimistic muscular and neural variations. 

Whenever you generate momentum, you set your self up for bypassing the a part of the rep that locations essentially the most important quantity of pressure on the muscle — working towards the last word aim.

A person flexing one arm's biceps with a dumbbell
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So, is it ever acceptable to create momentum inside an train? It completely is. On the tail finish of a tough set, momentum might help you squeeze out one other rep or two. You need to use momentum throughout high-load strength-based coaching and low-to-moderate load energy coaching to assist drive neuromuscular variations that assist construct power and energy.

In case your aim is to develop your biceps, begin the train slowly after which speed up by means of the remainder of the rep — squeezing by means of the strain and making a stable contraction within the biceps.

Advantages of Coaching Your Biceps

Your biceps are glamorous muscle groups — at the very least, you may want them to be. Should you’re searching for spherical, peaking biceps, the advantages of coaching them may appear apparent. However even in case you aren’t motivated by a specific aesthetic, sturdy biceps might help you along with your larger lifts.

Assist Compound Lifts

If you wish to construct a powerful, highly effective again, you’ll want sturdy, highly effective biceps. Everytime you’re doing any form of rowing movement, you want biceps power to assist all that weight. 

A person in a black shirt doing barbell biceps curls.

Your again ought to be doing a lot of the work throughout heavy rows. But when your biceps are too weak to help, your again beneficial properties will plateau earlier than they’ve even gotten began.

Strengthening your biceps is tremendously essential for supporting these back-builders. However they’re essential for heavy pushing actions, as effectively. Should you love bench urgent, your triceps are more likely to get quite a lot of consideration. Prepare your biceps to maintain stability in your arms. This stability is essential for keeping off harm.

Purposeful Health

Massive biceps aren’t nearly ripping your shirt sleeves. Having sturdy higher arms additionally helps you thru each day actions starting from lifting up your youngsters to hoisting your grocery luggage into the trunk of the automotive.

Your wrists and forearms profit if you practice your biceps, too. You want the muscle groups concerned right here for being capable of keep your grip all through lengthy coaching periods that emphasize purposeful actions like farmer’s carries.

Physique Coaching

Along with supporting your large lifts, coaching your biceps can assist your large physique targets. If you need thicker arms, it’s worthwhile to work your tris — however there’s a restrict to how a lot your shirt sleeves can bulge with out a sturdy set of biceps.

Anatomy of the Biceps

The biceps are referred to as brachii, which is Latin for “two-headed muscle of the arm” — representing the brief head and the lengthy head. The biceps connect throughout two jointsthe elbow and the shoulder. Its core perform is to flex the elbow and switch the wrist.

The biceps are small muscle groups, however they serve a pivotal perform if you actually give it some thought. Anytime you decide one thing up or press one thing overhead, you’re flexing your elbow (and subsequently your biceps) to a point. 

A person's flexed biceps
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Take into consideration the final time you loaded a suitcase into an overhead compartment. To get your baggage overhead, you most likely curled it to your chest earlier than urgent it up. Small however mighty — that’s the biceps for you. 

Aesthetically, the biceps are a coveted muscle. When somebody asks you to make a muscle, you don’t roll up your pant leg and flex your calf or pull down your shirt collar to exhibit your traps — you flex your biceps. Many lifters need that basic biceps peak, which is when the muscle juts upwards. Sadly, whether or not you might have a extra distinguished biceps peak or not might largely be decided by genetics, however you possibly can develop the world — which is able to translate to a bigger peak to a point.

The Brief Head

The brief head of the biceps is positioned on the within of the higher arm and attaches to the coracoid strategy of the scapula (the curvy half that shoots out beneath the collarbone), and inserts into the biceps tendon down close to the elbow. 

The brief head is most identified for its roles in elbow flexion and supination (the turning) of the forearm or wrist. (2) When folks discuss concerning the brief head, they’re normally referring to the biceps peak. 

The Lengthy Head

The lengthy head of the biceps is positioned on the surface of the higher arm. It attaches to the extra shoulder-centric a part of the scapula — the place its tendon runs easily by means of a grooved notch within the humerus bone — and inserts into the biceps tendon close to the elbow alongside the brief head. 

The lengthy head additionally flexes the elbow and creates supination (the turning) of the forearm or wrist. (1) The longer head sits beneath your brief head and, when skilled, helps to create a thicker arm

Extra on Biceps Coaching

You’re now geared up to crush the very best biceps workouts on the market. You even know the best way to choose the best biceps workouts in your particular targets and expertise degree. 

Because you’ve received biceps exercise fever, listed below are some extra biceps coaching articles to tide you over till your subsequent coaching session.


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