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Strongman Conditioning, for the Strongman — Cheyenne’s Energy Gymnasium

Strongman Conditioning Section Length

The length of every section of your Strongman Conditioning is dependent upon a lot of various factors and actually needs to be extremely individualized.

Somebody who’s new to lifting typically ought to spend a variety of time on the extra common and cardio facet of Strongman Conditioning with a view to construct work capability.

A seasoned veteran with a excessive degree of absolute energy and technical mastery ought to spend the vast majority of their time utilizing extremely particular strategies of Strongman Conditioning to focus on their subsequent massive present.

Most lifters fall between these two extremes. For them, they need to spend the majority of their time within the reasonably particular section of Strongman Conditioning.

Each 3-4 months they need to spend 2-4 weeks on common cardio work to take care of their work capability.

Then the final 4-8 weeks earlier than a contest needs to be extremely particular Strongman Conditioning work to organize for his or her competitors.

The whole lot in between needs to be reasonably particular, focusing on weaknesses and utilizing common workouts which have a variety of switch to an array of Strongman occasions.


There are at all times examples of the place and when these common guidelines needs to be violated, however these pointers ought to allow you to take your Strongman Conditioning work to the following degree.

Keep in mind that the game of Strongman is exclusive, and which you can’t get in form for it the way in which you’d in different sports activities.

Whereas cardio work is a mandatory element to the general plan, mistaking cardio for conditioning will go away you strolling into your subsequent contest unprepared.

There are 4 forms of occasions that you will notice in a Strongman contest, so you’re taking care to be sure that your Strongman conditioning is designed for the occasions appropriately.

Your competitors will probably be revealed forward of time, so it is best to have the ability to outline specificity early and manipulate your coaching program accordingly.

Strongman conditioning work needs to be periodized, beginning early within the coaching program with cardio work, shifting to reasonably particular work, after which lastly to extremely particular work near the competitors.

For almost all of Strongman athletes, the vast majority of your Strongman coaching needs to be spend with reasonably particular work.

Overview your present program and evaluate it to the notes on this article. Do you see any contradictions? It may very well be that you just’re a type of distinctive deviations from the overall rule, nevertheless it is also that there’s a drawback along with your coaching program.

Shoot me an electronic mail anytime when you’ve got an instance of a deviation from these guidelines and let’s focus on whether or not you’re an exception, or if this system wants some tweaks.



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