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Strongman Conditioning at ATR — Cheyenne’s Energy Fitness center

Conditioning Protocols at ATR

Listed below are just a few of the conditioning protocols we’re utilizing at ATR to make sure the preparedness of our Strongman athletes.

Escalating Density Coaching (EDT) Protocols

We didn’t invent this protocol, we simply use it to its fullest potential in the case of getting Strongman athletes in form. Doesn’t harm that it additionally slaps loads of muscle on their body.

The thought is to pack as a lot work as is manageable in a set time frame, consistently pushing up the workload.

For the sake of debate, we’ll outline workload as “units x reps x weight”. You possibly can enhance the workload by rising any of the three variables.

Right here’s the way it works:

  1. Decide your workout routines. We choose two bilateral dynamic workout routines. Take into consideration workout routines you’d use for a dynamic tremendous set.

  2. Set the timer. For 2 bilateral workout routines, set the timer to 10 minutes. Add two minutes for those who use a unilateral train. 4 minutes for those who choose two unilateral workout routines.

  3. Set the burden. You need a weight on each workout routines that you could possibly hit for ~10-12 reps.

  4. Go to work! Trip between workout routines with out relaxation. Begin out hitting 8 reps on every train. Should you fatigue and discover that you just’re struggling to hit all 8 reps, then hit 7. Then 6. All the best way to singles if want be. Work swiftly, however not in a rush. It’s not a dash.

  5. Analyze the outcomes. The purpose is to extend workload. Should you received units of 8 right through, you then’ll want to extend the burden. If lower than half of your units received 8 reps, you’re finest guess is to maintain the burden the identical and shoot for extra reps.

Should you go two weeks with out a private finest in workload, then the protocol has probably run its course. You possibly can both change the workout routines up, or choose a brand new protocol solely.

1/2/3 Protocol

I’ve written about this protocol earlier than, however by no means strictly because it applies to conditioning for Strongman.

The 1/2/3 Protocol might be probably the most environment friendly methods to get guys in form, after which maintaining it in this system can hold work capability ranges excessive all 12 months lengthy.

For extra data on this protocol, you may take a look at our different articles, or learn extra about it in our free Book, ATR’s Guide of Signature Protocols.

What I’ll focus on right here particularly is train choice with the protocol.

A number of the strongman implements don’t even have loads of capability to construct power or provoke muscle progress.

That doesn’t imply that they’re not tough. And it positively doesn’t imply that they don’t require apply. Together with the 1/2/3 Protocol in your program for conditioning affords an important alternative to kill two birds with one stone.

A number of examples of the 1/2/3 protocol we’ve used lately embrace:

  1. Stone to Shoulder 1/2/3 Protocol

  2. Sandbag over Shoulder 1/2/3 Protocol

  3. Keg over Bar 1/2/3 Protocol.

Should you don’t have entry to those implements, then attempt to choose greater compound workout routines that get the entire physique working. A number of of my favorites are the zercher squat, the deadlift, and the goblet squat.



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