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Specificity: Misplaced and Forgotten

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If you wish to get higher at bench urgent, you bench press.

Wish to get higher at squatting? Squat.

Log press? Deadlift? Stone Load? You’ll must log press, deadlift, and stone load.

That is the regulation of specificity, and whereas it looks like frequent sense, I wish to dedicate this submit to a deeper reflection on the idea.

The extra athletes I meet, and the extra applications I learn, the extra I believe individuals are lacking the boat.

We respect your privateness.

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Defining the Time period

Specificity is a time period that describes coaching that’s designed to construct a specific ability essential for the game we’re pursuing.

In the event you’re a soccer participant, essentially the most particular coaching you may presumably hope to have is definitely taking part in a recreation underneath the lights in opposition to one other crew.

You would possibly say that this isn’t particular coaching, it’s really competing. Why can’t it’s each?

When the stakes are excessive, and the sport is on the road, there’s a stress/dread/pleasure that you just simply can’t simulate in coaching.

You possibly can solely expertise this in competitors, and the extra competitors you do, the higher ready you’re to carry out underneath these circumstances.

Probably the most particular coaching you are able to do for any sport is the game itself. Each deviation you make is a step away from specificity in direction of variation.

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Legislation of Lodging

The Legislation of Lodging tells us that the extra instances we expose our system to a stressor, the much less and fewer the system adapts to the stressor.

Finally, the physique accommodates to such a level that even the slightest adaptation takes a large quantity of stress.

This regulation is what retains us from simply competing on a regular basis. This regulation is without doubt one of the causes that it’s merely impractical for Soccer gamers to scrimmage all day day by day to organize for recreation day.

It’s a must to deviate from the competitors surroundings and do drills that make the athletes’ footwork extra environment friendly. They want drills to coach their tackling expertise. They want drills to construct their hand combating expertise. And many others. And many others. And many others.

With out this coaching variation, their expertise will plateau. They’d want hours of recreation play to make the identical progress that could possibly be made with a nicely thought out 20-minute drill.

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The Specificity Rabbit Gap

Within the above instance, we’re speaking a couple of soccer recreation being essentially the most particular type of coaching {that a} soccer participant can expertise.

The thought of environmental specificity might be greater than most contemplate when discussing the specificity of coaching, however the subject may be even broader than this.

You possibly can have a look at elements just like the fatigue state of the athlete after they’re being requested to carry out.

The pace at which a motion takes place. The motion the athlete must carry out instantly earlier than or after.

The forms of fibers that the athlete will recruit. The vitality system they’ll be counting on. The variety of repetitions the athlete might want to carry out.

All of this may be analyzed, and in some instances the additional down the rabbit gap you go, the higher an understanding of the sport you may develop.

This better understanding can result in higher variation, and finally to higher coaching applications.

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Software to Powerlifting

In powerlifting, essentially the most particular coaching is hitting your 9 reps on the platform at a meet. Each deviation from that ought to be thought-about variation.

Variation is hitting any rep vary that isn’t competitors singles. Variation is performing the train with something however a contest kind.

Too many applications take variation too far, too early. I wish to take you again to the primary line of this weblog submit:

“If you wish to get higher at bench urgent, you bench press.”

I see aspiring lifters of their early years operating applications from no matter superstar is largest on YouTube, and so they could bench as soon as, typically twice per week.

In these applications, these bench press reps are diluted with infinite units of dips, overhead presses, extensions, raises and machine work.

They surprise why their bench press plateaus.

These applications could also be nicely engineered to encourage system-wide hypertrophy, however if you happen to’re aspiring to the largest bench quantity you may press it’s essential to reign within the variation.

Workouts like shut grip bench press, paused bench press, and Spoto press are most likely as a lot variation as is critical if you happen to plateau.

You must also contemplate that altering rep ranges, and even total loading schemes in your program is variation. You might simply must spend a while heavier or lighter to get your bench press transferring once more.

All of this is applicable to the deadlift and the squat in the identical means.

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Software to Strongman

In Strongman, specificity is far more tough to outline. Occasions change from contest to contest and from yr to yr, so it’s not possible to nail down the time period in addition to you may for powerlifting.

Meaning discovering the bottom frequent denominator for the majority of you coaching, and solely devoting time to particular occasions as the necessity arises.

At it’s core, Strongman is a sport that encompasses urgent, deadlifting, loading, and heavy carrying.

It’s a must to acknowledge a fifth class of miscellaneous occasions that would come with issues like truck pulls, anchor drags or sandbag toss, however for essentially the most half Strongman occasions fall into these fundamental for classes.

You additionally know that you’ll both be exhibiting absolute energy, or possible energy pace endurance in your contest. There gained’t be any distance operating or 50 rep challenges at a Strongman occasion.

With that mentioned, you understand to fill your coaching with actions and loading schemes that hit these classes broadly.

Urgent: Spend the majority of the yr hitting strict and push presses.

Deadlifting: The majority of your deadlift quantity ought to be from the ground, a slight deficit, or a small block.

Loading: Our lowest frequent denominator train on this class is the Zercher squat, however this sample is used nearly yr round with totally different implements for conditioning work.

Heavy Carrying: Farmer’s Carries, Zercher Carries, Yoke Carries.

Copy of Forever Worthy Powerlifting (2).png

Acceptable Variation Early within the Program

I consider that the majority applications are venturing too far into variation far too early, however there does have to be some work within the health club past simply these core actions.

The entire physique’s fundamental human motion patterns have to be educated and maintained to take care of a wholesome athlete. Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, and Loaded Carry.

As well as, variation could also be essential to help in cementing cues or repairing weaknesses that might assist the athlete carry out the extra particular workouts extra effectively.

Unilateral work ought to be integrated to forestall imbalances from forming and to construct stability.

There are additionally high-risk joints/muscle tissues/tendons/ligaments which will want focused work to cut back an athlete’s damage danger.

None of this could require a big portion of the general coaching quantity, and the fatigue it generates actually shouldn’t detract from the standard of the primary motion coaching.

That is very true nearer to competitors.


Competitors is absolutely essentially the most particular coaching there’s. Any deviations from competitors ought to be thought-about variation.

Too many applications go too far down the spectrum in direction of variation, away from specificity, after they choose workouts and loading schemes.

Very small adjustments to competitors workouts could possibly be all that’s required to blast via plateaus.

Slight adjustments to the loading scheme from block to dam might even have a dramatic impression.

For sports activities the place specificity is more durable to outline, discover the bottom frequent denominator within the health club to have as broad an impression as attainable.

Whereas adherence to specificity is essential and ought to be prioritized, there are good causes for drastic variation early in a program.

Dial it in and get focused. Time to improve. 

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Some Colorado Strongmen came up north today for some training and managed to take our 400 sandbag for a ride! Moved a yoke and a log too. Fun day!!

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You want me to carry this how far!?

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The next FNS is here! We're going out to the parking lot for Farmer's Carries! We'll start with basic technique like grip position and turns, then push each other to the limit! 

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Pick it up. Put it down. Over and over and over until we're tired. 

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Strongman is a community that goes wider and deeper than just a single gym. Gotta get out there! 

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Down at @imagineathletes ready to pick stuff up and put it down!! 

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Matts excited!! Are you!?

Yoke night is here! See you at 6. 

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Friday Night Strongman is here on Friday!! 

Beginners are welcome! Free to jump in! We start teaching basics and move on to see what we can do. 

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@xxmark101kxx stepping in for a big Anderson Squat with a yoke.

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