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Refeed Day Vs. Cheat Meal — Which to Do and When

As a bodybuilder, the kitchen is as essential as the gymnasium ground. Day in and time out, you’re measuring, calculating, and monitoring to hit your targets with the burden plates and your physique. However some days, you’ve simply bought to let unfastened.

All of your meal prep and macros monitoring is actually serving to your positive factors, particularly throughout a weight reduction part. However it’s exhausting to keep up such strict management over what you’re consuming. To greatest gasoline your physique and your thoughts, you want breaks from the stringent habits that include dropping weight.

A person having pizza on refeed day.
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For some bodybuilders, refeed days function their break from caloric deficits. For others, cheat meals are the place it’s at. However within the battle of getting a refeed day versus cheat meal, you’ll should make some tough choices. Right here, you’ll be taught all the things it’s good to determine which technique is greatest for you.

Editor’s Be aware: The content material on BarBend is supposed to be informative in nature, but it surely shouldn’t be taken as medical recommendation. When beginning a brand new coaching routine and/or eating regimen, it’s at all times a good suggestion to seek the advice of with a trusted medical skilled. We aren’t a medical useful resource. The opinions and articles on this website should not meant to be used as analysis, prevention, and/or therapy of well being issues. They don’t seem to be substitutes for consulting a certified medical skilled.

What Is a Refeed Day?

A refeed day occurs throughout a weight reduction part. You’re taking a break from consuming beneath your upkeep stage of energy. As an alternative, you’ll eat barely above your upkeep stage of energy, normally taking these further energy within the type of carbohydrates.

Throughout a weight reduction part — once you’re leaning out, generally in between bulking — you’ll usually eat lower than upkeep energy. On a refeed day, you’ll eat a bit extra than your upkeep calorie stage. This can give your physique a short lived break from the restrictions of consuming fewer than upkeep energy.

Refeed days will usually characteristic extra carbs than ordinary, giving your physique a direct burst of coaching gasoline — and the potential to get pleasure from that further little bit of carbohydrate goodness.

Athletes that use calorie counting as a part of their vitamin technique can use BarBend’s calorie calculator to determine what number of energy they’ll want to soundly drop weight. Then, you’ll be able to recalculate to regulate in your upkeep wants on a refeed day.

Different athletes could wish to keep away from counting energy, even when they’re trying to shed extra pounds. That is perhaps resulting from private choice, a historical past of disordered consuming habits, or just because they’d want to trace their macros reasonably than energy.

In case you take a extra intuitive strategy to your vitamin, decide to easily add a portion or two of carbs to your favourite meal on a refeed day.

For athletes preferring to monitor their macros, BarBend’s macros calculator may help you determine how greatest to get sufficient carbs, protein, and fat.

Bear in mind to get loads of various micronutrients in your eating regimen, too.

What Is a Cheat Meal?

A typical cheat meal is a quick abandonment of inflexible eating regimen guidelines to eat an unrestricted quantity of in any other case “prohibited” meals. (1) For instance, you may strictly keep away from white rice in favor of brown rice throughout your typical days in a weight reduction part. Your cheat meal could contain loads of sushi with white rice galore.

What contains a cheat meal relies on the individual taking it — and their targets.

Strongman Robert Oberst can crush 12,000 energy in a single cheat meal. That’s extra energy in a single sitting than somebody who isn’t a professional strongman eats over a number of days. 

A person having a burger on cheat day.
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Alternatively, three-time reigning Basic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead considers a dairy-free breakfast wrap and two pancakes a cheat meal. That will sound like one other athlete’s common Sunday brunch plans.

That can assist you decide what constitutes a cheat meal for you, take into account your typical meals consumption and dietary habits. Take into consideration what meals you like that you simply may miss in your day-to-day strategy to meal prep. Perhaps meaning ordering takeout out of your favourite restaurant once you’d in any other case prepare dinner a meal at residence.

Refeed Day vs. Cheat Meal Similarities

Whereas they’re not the identical, refeed days and cheat meals are actually dietary cousins. They’re each meant to supply reduction from a day-to-day restrictive, weight-loss-oriented eating regimen.

Weight loss plan Break

With a refeed day, you could have barely extra carbs. With a cheat meal, chances are you’ll go all out on a burger and fries. Both means, you’re taking a break from a restrictive eating regimen. Whereas proscribing your consumption, chances are you’ll endure altered hormone ranges, lethargy, starvation, and normal exhaustion. Satirically, you might also begin hitting plateaus along with your weight reduction targets. (2)(3)

Once you give your self a enhance with extra energy than you’re used to, chances are you’ll give your physique — and thoughts — a break from the pains of intense food-related self-discipline. This may assist make a weight reduction part really feel a bit extra sustainable. 

Potential Coaching Increase

Refeed days and cheat meals are each meant for once you’re going via a caloric deficit. Once you give your self that further burst of energy — whether or not within the measured means of a refeed day or the all-out trend of a cheat meal — you may be capable to give your self a lift of vitality in coaching.

Throughout a fat-loss part, you’ll usually prepare to keep up muscle mass. In a caloric deficit, some athletes could discover it tough to keep up their muscle groups A refeed day may be significantly useful right here, particularly as they usually deal with upping your carb consumption.

The potential enhance in coaching vitality you may get from a cheat meal could not occur instantly. In case you go at it with an entire pizza with the works, you may really feel too full and torpid afterward to go to the gymnasium in any respect. However the psychological break from restrictiveness may make it easier to come again reinvigorated in your subsequent coaching session.

Mindset Similarity

In case you’re approaching refeed days with the identical self-discipline as your typical dietary plan, you’re probably sustaining a restrictive eating regimen strategy. When you is perhaps looser along with your energy on refeed days, you’re nonetheless specializing in having solely barely extra meals than ordinary — usually extra carbs.

Due to this, you’re nonetheless labeling many meals as off-limits. This black-and-white strategy could also be much less excessive with refeed days since you’re giving your self a barely wider array of choices a couple of times every week. However you’re nonetheless finally working with restriction — which meals are allowed and which aren’t. This strategy could negatively influence your weight reduction targets and relationship with meals long-term. (4)(5)

Cheat meals use the identical black-and-white strategy, although these meals are a extra excessive instance. They keep the black-and-white dichotomy between permitted meals and prohibited meals

The identify itself — “cheat” — implies that what you’re consuming and the quantity you’re consuming is in itself unhealthy. Labeling some meals nearly as good and others as unhealthy has been proven to lower your probabilities of sustaining wholesome consuming habits. (4)(5)

You possibly can attempt to mitigate this influence by reframing the way you strategy cheat days. Whereas most days are explicitly restrictive, you’ll be able to consider “cheat” days or meals as extra intuitive approaches to consuming — the place you hearken to your physique’s starvation cues and reply accordingly.

This strategy is favored by 2021 Bikini Olympia winner Jennifer Dorie, who prefers an intuitive strategy to her weekend meals. She opts to think about them as “deal with” meals reasonably than “cheat” meals

Refeed Day Vs. Cheat Meal Variations

Each approaches could look related — extra meals someday every week — however they appear very completely different in apply.

Measured Vs. Something Goes

The thought of refeed days is exactly about not tilting in the exact opposite path of caloric restriction. Cheat meals offer you a complete break from counting energy or monitoring what you’re consuming — if solely only for a meal.

That’s to not say that yo-yo-ing between refeed days and restrictive weight-reduction plan can’t be a recipe for getting off monitor along with your targets and even binge consuming. However of their ideally suited kind, refeed days are nonetheless targeted on a calorie depend and/or macro monitoring, versus cheat meals the place you’re taking a break from counting something completely.

As a result of cheat meals are so lax with the principles, you may begin hitting a physique plateau when you do them continuously. Whereas nobody meal will derail all of your exhausting work and progress, having loads of cheat meals the place you go all out can put a possible pin in your plans to lean out.


Cheat meals don’t care whether or not you’re indulging in an ice cream sundae, sushi, a whole pizza, or a funnel cake. Whether or not you’ve been craving candy, savory, or salty, you’ll have at it throughout your cheat meal. It’s not about macros — it’s about you.

Alternatively, you’ll be centering your consideration on a selected macronutrient with refeed days. These usually deal with a slight improve in carbs. On this means, you’re nonetheless monitoring your consumption. Positive, you’ll be much less restrictive than you might be on different days — however you’re not tossing the rulebook completely out the window such as you may throughout a cheat meal.

Binging Mindset

Although each refeed days and cheat meals could reinforce the concept of some meals nearly as good and others as unhealthy, cheat meals could extra simply result in binge consuming. Analysis has proven that proscribing your meals consumption makes you extra prone to binge eat. (6)(7)(8

The mindset of “something goes” that comes with a cheat meal could lead you to overeat (previous the purpose of being hungry).

Alternatively, a refeed day could really feel extra like a daily day within the kitchen. Simply add an additional scoop of rice into your meal prep bag. A cheat meal, nevertheless, is only one meal as an alternative of an entire day. You may develop a extra now-or-never strategy.

To assist keep away from this tendency towards binging, take into account treating cheat meals as alternatives to hearken to your physique’s starvation cues. You may merely use them to eat once you’re hungry — and cease once you’re full — as an alternative of ignoring starvation pangs as you may normally do throughout a weight reduction part

When Ought to I Do a Refeed Day?

Take into account having one or two refeed days every week, relying on the specifics of your coaching plan, vitamin practices, physique targets, and private preferences. 

In case you’re coaching significantly exhausting, you may wish to err on the facet of twice every week to ensure you’re getting sufficient carbs to gasoline efficiency. Alternatively, when you’ve by no means performed a refeed day, begin as soon as every week and see the way it impacts your efficiency and vitality ranges.

You may go for a refeed day over a cheat meal if:

  • You’re trying to keep totally on monitor along with your dietary plan.
  • You wish to improve your carb consumption particularly.
  • You want flexibility in your vitamin plan day-to-day.
  • You wish to keep away from counting energy and as an alternative deal with macro parts.

When Ought to I Have a Cheat Meal?

Some athletes want to have a cheat meal every week. This is perhaps a day to eat out with your loved ones or pals. Otherwise you may indulge your self with cooking or baking one thing you wouldn’t usually make for your self.

Oily and sweet food on the table.
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However when you’re the kind of individual to devour an entire lot of energy throughout your cheat meal, you’ll wish to make certain it gained’t intrude along with your positive factors. That is vital when you don’t prepare within the mornings, and also you’ll get too sluggish from a meals coma after a cheat meal to coach. Take into account doing a cheat meal each two weeks reasonably than each week.

Listed here are some causes you may wish to have a cheat meal:

  • You want a full break from monitoring or counting.
  • You wish to take only one meal as a break from restrictive consuming as an alternative of an entire day.
  • You’re in a position to take a day away from coaching (when you’re opting to indulge closely).

Refeed or Cheat?

Select fastidiously once you’re taking a break from each day dietary restrictions. If it’s coming all the way down to a refeed day versus cheat meal, assess what your targets are. Relying in your mindset and desires, you may discover {that a} refeed day helps you retain on monitor higher than a cheat meal.

Alternatively, you may love not worrying about what you’re consuming once you’re out with pals or catching up in your favourite present — therefore, a cheat meal. In the end, you may wish to experiment with each approaches to see which technique most accurately fits your private wants, mindset, physique targets, and vitality ranges.


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