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Hunter Labrada Weighs In — Does Meal Frequency and Timing Matter?

When coaching to bulk or lower, essentially the most important issue for achievement in both pursuit is managing a caloric surplus or deficit. Extra energy result in weight achieve, and fewer energy result in weight reduction — fairly easy. Nevertheless, when ought to these energy be consumed? Does the timing of meals or the frequency of meals truly matter?

On March 7, 2023, Males’s Open bodybuilder Hunter Labrada took to his YouTube channel to find out whether or not one must be involved with meal timing and when. Test it out beneath:

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There are a lot of components that inform the significance of meal frequency and timing, together with targets, the timeline of these targets, the section of prep or bulk one is in, and the way superior an athlete is.

From a 50,000-foot view, I’m extra serious about your whole every day diet.

For many gym-goers, the general eating regimen being in step with a particular objective is extra necessary than every particular person meal and when they’re consumed. For individuals who favor fewer however bigger meals all through the day, that’s as cheap as spreading out extra frequent meals with fewer energy.

Labrada prefers to construction his meals round his coaching. Upwards of half his whole carbohydrate consumption per day relies on when he plans to coach. Nevertheless, for most individuals, there are some “golden guidelines” that Labrada suggests are adhered to:

Labrada’s Golden Guidelines for Meal Timing

  • By no means going greater than 4 hours with out consuming.
  • Meals must be a minimal of two hours aside to forestall poor digestion.
  • Don’t eat an excessive amount of protein in a single sitting.

After 4 hours with out a meal, Labrada stated there’ll doubtless be a measurable loss in blood glucose, which may result in “mind fog” or a way of fatigue. An inconsistent measure of blood glucose has potential disadvantages, which, in response to Labrada, can embrace the physique hanging on to extra undesirable fats reserves.

Increased-fat meals will usually take extra time for the physique to digest. Packing a number of meals inside two hours, notably if they’ve the next fats content material, can disrupt digestion in undesirable methods. Equally, it’s Labrada’s opinion that consuming “greater than 60 grams of protein in a single sitting is overkill.” In his expertise, greater than 60 grams of protein in a single meal results in gasoline, bloating, and different digestive disruptors.

Find out how to Construction Meals

Everybody may have a special method of structuring their every day meals to slot in with their schedules, however Labrada suggests calibrating the macros in your targets and dividing these macros into the specified variety of every day meals. If the macros are measured and on level, whereas adhering to the principles above, “you need to be golden.”

For extra superior bodybuilders deep in prep, the significance of meal timing and frequency turns into magnified as your physique will extra visually mirror these adjustments. Labrada recommends those that are deep of their contest prep eat their meals on the similar time and fall asleep and get up on the similar time each day.

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