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How To Construct Robust Muscular Legs

smith machine split squat

In the event you’re seeking to construct sturdy and muscular legs with a unilateral train, the Smith machine break up squat is a wonderful alternative. Not solely does it assist help you in balancing the burden, it may well assist information you as you undergo the reps, guaranteeing you goal the correct muscular tissues.  

In the event you’ve by no means used or seen a Smith machine, it’s a machine with a barbell on a hard and fast observe. This mounted observe helps in quite a few methods when performing a break up squat. The query is, how do you do a Smith machine break up squat?

To do the Smith machine break up squat, begin by organising the bar at a peak even together with your shoulders. Get beneath it and place it in your higher again, and set your toes such as you would for a lunge. Subsequent, drop your again knee down in the direction of the bottom, stopping an inch or two from it, then drive again as much as a standing place.

Utilizing the Smith machine for break up squats sounds easy, however to maximise the effectiveness of it, it’s essential to know what to look out for when performing them and learn how to finest make the most of this train in your total coaching program. 

On this article, I’ll talk about:

  • The muscular tissues labored throughout Smith machine break up squats
  • How you can do the Smith machine break up squat
  • Advantages of Smith machine break up squats
  • Drawbacks of Smith machine break up squats
  • Smith machine break up squat errors to keep away from
  • Who ought to do Smith machine break up squats
  • Who mustn’t do Smith machine break up squats
  • How you can program Smith machine break up squats
  • Different gear and tools to make use of when doing Smith machine break up squats
  • Smith machine break up squat options

Muscle groups Labored Throughout Smith Machine Cut up Squat

muscles worked during smith machine split squat

The Smith machine break up squat targets a number of decrease physique muscular tissues. Relying on the way you carry out the train, you’ll be able to emphasize one half over others. For instance, staying extra upright will put extra emphasis on the quadriceps versus the glutes. Nevertheless, in the event you add a ahead lean, you may goal the glutes extra. 


The quadriceps muscular tissues on the entrance aspect of your thigh are the first muscle used when performing break up squats. They assist to increase or straighten the knee and flex the hip.

Throughout a smith machine break up squat, they would be the major driver pushing your physique up from the bottom.

The quadriceps are comprised of 4 distinct muscle bellies: 

  • Rectus femoris – This runs down the center of the leg from the hip to your knee cap.
  • Vastus lateralis – This runs on the skin of the leg out of your hip to the skin of your knee.
  • Vastus medialis – This begins on the prime of your leg by the hip joint and runs down and to the within of the knee cap. This varieties the teardrop muscle you see on muscular quads.
  • Vastus intermedius – This runs down the center of the leg, beneath the rectus femoris, from the highest of the leg to the skin of the knee cap.


The glutes, often known as your butt muscular tissues, make up the most important muscle within the physique.  This group of muscular tissues is primarily liable for hip extension throughout the Smith machine break up squat, and as hip abductors, they maintain the knee on the entrance leg from caving in. This lets you maintain the very best alignment attainable when doing the break up squat on a Smith machine.  

The glutes are comprised of:

  • Gluteus maximus – The biggest muscle stomach of the group, it makes up most of what we all know to be our butt. It runs from the pelvis and tailbone all the way in which to the femur and covers a giant space.
  • Gluteus medius – The center youngster of the three gluteal muscular tissues, it sits from the highest of the pelvis, or ilium, and travels to the highest of the femur.
  • Gluteus minimus – The smallest of the three gluteal muscular tissues, it’s additionally the deepest of the three, because it sits under the gluteus medius. It runs from the skin of your pelvis to the highest of your femur.

Study extra about how squat variations work your glutes in Do Squats Make Your Butt Larger? (Science-Backed).


The hamstrings, or the muscular tissues on the again of your thigh, work in a different way than the opposite muscular tissues throughout a Smith machine break up squat. They work extra as a stabilizer than pushing the burden.

This group of muscular tissues is comprised of three muscle bellies:

  • Semimembranosus – Essentially the most medial or closest to the center of your physique, it runs out of your hip to the within of your tibia or decrease leg bone.
  • Semitendinosus – In between the opposite two hamstring muscular tissues, it runs from the pelvis to the within floor of your tibia.
  • Biceps femoris – essentially the most lateral or closest to the skin of your physique, it runs out of your hip all the way in which to the skin of your fibula, just under the knee.


The adductors are a big group of muscular tissues within the inside thigh that run out of your pelvis to varied factors in your higher leg. They work collectively to deliver your leg in in the direction of the center of your physique.

When performing a Smith machine break up lunge, their major function is stabilizing the pelvis. They’ll additionally act on hip extension on the backside of the motion.

The group of adductors consists of the adductor longus, adductor brevis, and adductor magnus, in addition to different smaller muscular tissues.

They make up what you’d name your groin muscular tissues. In the event you’ve ever had a spasm there throughout a break up squat or lunge, you labored them. 


The calf muscular tissues, gastrocnemius and soleus, stabilize your toes and ankle joint whereas performing the break up squat. Their different capabilities embody plantar flexing and dorsiflexing the foot, or pointing your foot up and down.

Core and Erector Spinae 

Your core muscular tissues are greater than your 6-pack ab muscular tissues. Your core is a 360-degree view of the muscular tissues of the trunk. So it consists of not solely your entrance ab muscular tissues but in addition the perimeters and decrease again muscular tissues. 

The core and erector muscular tissues’ major function is to maintain you upright and keep away from the higher physique collapsing throughout the Smith machine break up squat. 

Smith Machine Cut up Squat: How To

Step One: Set the peak of the Smith machine bar and cargo weight

Regulate the peak of the bar by unracking it and placing it at a peak that’s even together with your shoulders. Load the bar together with your desired weight.

Step Two: Get the bar into place in your higher again

Place the bar in your higher again, set your fingers, then flip the bar to unrack it out of the Smith machine.

Step Three: Regulate your stance so that you simply’re in a break up stance

Place your entrance foot beneath the bar, and step again with the other foot.

Step 4: Bend each knees on the identical time

Bend each knees, decreasing your again knee in the direction of the bottom and conserving weight on the entrance leg.

Step 5: Decrease till your entrance thigh is parallel to the ground or your again knee touches the bottom

Decrease your self down till your entrance knee hits 90 levels or simply earlier than your again knee hits the ground.

Step Six: Drive by way of the ground together with your entrance foot to face again up

Push by way of the ground together with your entrance foot to face again up.

Advantages of Smith Machine Cut up Squats

1. Extra Steadiness Help

Performing a Smith machine single-leg squat provides you extra stability help as a result of the bar is on a hard and fast observe, so that you don’t have to fret about falling over as you squat.

2. Much less Stabilizer Muscle Demand, Extra Leg Muscle Demand

Because the Smith machine is on a hard and fast path, it makes it simpler to stability, which lets you maximize the quantity of pressure you utilize together with your legs. This allows you to enhance the load with out worrying in regards to the limiting issue of stability throwing you off.

3. Work on Energy Imbalances

Have you ever ever observed that one aspect of your physique can deal with extra weight or reps than the opposite? Most of us have one aspect that’s stronger than the opposite, which is okay.

Doing a single-leg squat on the Smith machine permits you to consider every leg in isolation, which might help deliver the muscular tissues as near equal as attainable.

4. Much less Low Again Stress

An train like a barbell squat can put stress in your decrease again as a result of excessive load positioned on it.

When performing a Smith machine break up squat, you’ll be able to obtain comparable muscle activation because the squat whereas creating much less load on the backbone. This makes it extra back-friendly.

In search of different sorts of squats you are able to do on a Smith machine? Take a look at 9 Smith Machine Squat Variations (With Footage).

Drawbacks of Smith Machine Cut up Squats

1. Restricted Vary of Movement

The Smith machine restricts your motion to a hard and fast vertical aircraft, which may restrict your vary of movement. With this restricted and restricted vary of movement, it may well really feel uncomfortable or awkward for some lifters.  

2. Much less Stabilizer/Core Muscle Demand

I do know, I simply listed this as a advantage of the Smith machine break up squat, so how may it even be a downside?

Because the bar is in a hard and fast path of motion, there’s much less must stability the burden, which implies your core muscular tissues don’t should do as a lot work in comparison with performing a barbell break up squat.

Smith Machine Cut up Squat Errors to Keep away from

Foot Placement Width

One of many greatest errors with the Smith machine break up squat and break up squats, on the whole, is organising your toes within the unsuitable place.

In the event you set them too shut to one another, your vary of movement feels cramped. If the space between your toes, or your stride, is simply too far aside, you gained’t have the ability to maximize the train and the pressure you’ll be able to produce.

Having an extended stride would possibly really feel good, as you’ll definitely really feel a stretch on the again leg, however it gained’t do something to extend leg energy or the effectiveness of the train. 

Entrance Knee Going Previous the Toes

Whereas the knees going over the toes isn’t inherently harmful, it may well present that your approach is missing in that you simply’re not conserving the load in step with your hips. It may imply that you simply’re leaning too far ahead into the break up squat.

Slamming Again Knee Into the Floor

This is a matter for 2 causes.

First, you may injure your knee in the event you repeatedly hit it into the bottom.

Second, it may well present that you simply’re not controlling the descent of the break up squat, which implies you’re not utilizing the right muscular tissues to do the train and relying extra on momentum.

It’s okay if the knee gently faucets the bottom to make sure you’re getting full vary of movement, however you continue to wish to keep management.

Too A lot Weight Too Quickly

This can be a traditional mistake for each train you are able to do. You begin out with a weight that’s doubtlessly too heavy so that you can do successfully, and you find yourself compromising in your kind. This decreases the effectiveness of the train and may enhance the danger of an damage. 

Begin off with a lighter weight after which regularly enhance as you grow to be extra competent and assured with the Smith machine break up squat.

Who Ought to Do Smith Machine Cut up Squats?

Smith machine break up squats are nice for lots of people, however there are a number of focused populations that will do very well with placing them into their coaching applications. 

  • Athletes – Athletes in most sports activities depend on having sturdy decrease our bodies to carry out at their finest. As we’ve seen, the Smith machine break up squat is nice for growing decrease physique energy and energy, which interprets effectively into no matter sport you play.
  • Normal lifters – Most individuals that go to the health club wish to be in form, get stronger, and add some muscle. Cut up squats on the smith machine can enhance these decrease physique aesthetics because it builds muscle, will increase energy, and may give the legs an total muscular look.
  • Those that endure from knee ache – One would assume that break up squats for these with knee ache are a no-no. Nevertheless, research have proven that in the event you can enhance the energy of your quadriceps, you’ll be able to enhance knee ache.

Who Ought to Not Do Smith Machine Cut up Squats?

Smith machine break up squats, whereas an incredible decrease physique train, might not be appropriate for everybody. In some instances, it’s possible you’ll want to change them or keep away from them altogether.

  • People with hip or ankle accidents – The Smith machine break up squat can place stress on the decrease physique joints, specifically the hips and ankles. When you have a previous or present damage, this train might worsen these areas.
  • These with stability points – Regardless that the bar is locked into a hard and fast movement, it may well nonetheless current a problem you probably have issue balancing. In the event you discover it exhausting to keep up stability standing in a break up place with out a load, it is perhaps finest to skip this train.
  • Newcomers – Whilst you can management the quantity of weight you utilize for the Smith machine break up squat, it is perhaps prudent to start out with a body weight variation in the event you’re new to this train or new to train on the whole. With a body weight variation, you’ll be able to be taught correct approach earlier than including weight. 
  • These with restricted mobility – A point of flexibility and mobility is required to carry out the Smith machine break up squat. In the event you lack the mobility within the quads and hips to get a full vary of movement, you may skip this or discover methods to change it by putting an Airex pad (or two) beneath your again knee.

How To Program Smith Machine Cut up Squats

how to program smith machine split squats

So as to add Smith machine break up squats into your coaching program, it’s essential to know your aim. Whether or not it’s energy, muscle constructing, or endurance, you need to have the ability to put the correct units and reps in place in order that it’s the best.  

Realizing what the aim is can even assist to tell the place the train will go in our coaching program.

Energy Programming

In the event you’re seeking to construct most energy, you wish to do that train first. This manner, your muscular tissues are contemporary and at 100%.

Retaining reps between 3 and 6 will assist construct most energy. Intention for units within the 3-6 vary, relying on how fatigued you get. 

Hypertrophy Programming

It’s important to successfully load your leg muscular tissues to get them to adapt and develop. This implies loading with round 70-75% of our 1 rep max weight and aiming for at the very least 3 units of 8-12 reps.

When your goal is hypertrophy or muscle constructing, these workout routines can come first, or you’ll be able to place the train in the course of your exercise after your major carry.

Endurance Programming

To make your decrease physique muscular tissues extra resilient to endurance coaching, you wish to construct up your tolerance to hundreds over lengthy durations of time.

When utilizing the Smith machine break up squat for extra endurance-type coaching, do it on the finish of your exercise for at the very least 3 units of 10 or extra reps.

Really helpful Gear to Use for Smith Machine Cut up Squats

If you’re in that newbie or intermediate group of exercisers, utilizing gear to do Smith machine break up squats isn’t crucial. Nevertheless, there could also be instances the place some tools may turn out to be useful to get extra out of the train. 

Foam Curler

foam roller

With the Smith machine break up squat being a quad-centric train, it stands to motive that the muscle will really feel tight at one level or one other. This might result in a lower in efficiency because of mobility restrictions.

You should use a foam curler to scale back muscle stress, which can support in your means to carry out the train. 

Lifting Belt

powerlifting belt

In the event you want help bracing your core when the burden will get actually heavy, you should use a lifting belt to be sure to defend your backbone.

Nevertheless, a belt is healthier suited to superior lifters.

Take a look at a few of our favourite lifting belts in Greatest Powerlifting Belt: In-Depth Information & Assessment.

Knee Sleeves

gym reapers knee sleeves

In the event you discover that you’ve achy knees when doing any decrease physique train, particularly ones the place you need to bend your knees, knee sleeves is perhaps value investing in. These sleeves might help deliver extra blood move to the realm, maintain the joint heat, and provides it extra help as you carry out the Smith machine break up squat. 

Whereas it gained’t essentially maintain you from getting injured, it may well assist enhance your efficiency.

5 Smith Machine Cut up Squat Options

smith machine split squat alternatives

There are a number of methods to alter the way you carry out a Smith machine break up squat, like altering the tools you utilize or taking the bar out of your again and loading it in entrance of you want a entrance squat.

These options to the Smith machine break up squat gives you extra methods to coach your decrease physique in your subsequent exercise. 

Body weight Cut up Squat

This various is a superb place to start out in the event you’ve by no means executed any sort of break up squat earlier than. Utilizing your physique weight will allow you to be taught the train approach, particularly if you’re a newbie.

Resistance Band Cut up Squat

If body weight has grow to be too simple and also you wish to add a problem, you should use resistance bands to offer a load to the train.

The fascinating factor about utilizing a band is that the resistance will change as you progress by way of the motion. As you decrease down into the break up squat, the strain on the band eases a bit. As you rise up, the band is stretched extra, including extra resistance to the train. 

Barbell Cut up Squat

The setup for this train is much like the Smith machine break up squat, because the bar is loaded in your higher again. Nevertheless, there’s extra stability demand because of it not being on a hard and fast observe. 

This may require extra stability and core energy to carry out correctly and will take some getting used to in the event you’re not used to utilizing free weights for break up squats.

Dumbbell Cut up Squat

If you wish to do break up squats however don’t like the sensation of a bar in your again, you should use dumbbells and carry out the identical train.

Maintain the dumbbells at your sides as you get right into a break up squat place, then decrease your knee down, just like the Smith machine break up squat.

Utilizing dumbbells creates a stability problem, which makes it a more durable squat variation.

Smith Machine Single-Leg Squat

Circling again to utilizing the Smith machine for a special unilateral train, the Smith machine single-leg squat is a variation the place as a substitute of placing one foot behind you, you retain it off the bottom and purely use the entrance leg for the train.

This generally is a simpler train, as you solely use one leg to go up and down. Nevertheless, it comes with an elevated problem in your stability and stability.

The one-leg squat on the Smith machine is finest suited to these with a very good base of decrease physique energy. 

Often Requested Questions

Are Smith Machine Cut up Squats Good?

Smith machine break up squats are an incredible train if you wish to construct measurement and energy in your leg muscular tissues, particularly in your quads. In addition they problem you to work on muscle imbalances and require extra stability and coordination. 

What Muscle groups Do Smith Machine Cut up Squats Work?

The Smith machine break up squat primarily works your quadriceps and glutes whereas secondarily concentrating on your adductors, calves, and core muscular tissues. 

How Do You Do a Bulgarian Cut up Squat on the Smith Machine?

To do a Bulgarian break up squat on a Smith machine, you’d set it up in the identical method because the common Smith machine break up squat, with one exception. Once you take that step again with the again leg, you’ll place it on a bench or different elevated floor as a substitute of conserving it on the ground. 

Closing Ideas

The Smith machine break up squat is a superb train to construct energy and measurement in your decrease physique muscular tissues, particularly the quadriceps. Utilizing the Smith machine has advantages, like difficult your stability and stability extra. Nevertheless, it additionally comes with drawbacks, like being locked into a selected vertical aircraft of movement, which ends up in much less freedom of motion.

In all, the Smith machine break up squat generally is a useful gizmo for many lifters, particularly ones who’ve expertise performing different variations of break up squats and single-leg workout routines.

If you’re beginning out with the break up squat, there are different variations you should use to construct your confidence and competence earlier than you sort out the Smith machine variation. 

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