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How To, Advantages, Drawbacks, Ought to You Do It?

how do you do a smith machine squat

You’re on the fitness center for leg day, and also you’re speculated to hit squats, however all the ability racks are taken. You begin getting pissed off till you look to the nook and see the Smith machine. However there’s one drawback — you’ve by no means completed a Smith machine squat earlier than.

So how do you do a Smith machine squat? To do a Smith machine squat, face away from the machine, and stand straight with the bar resting in your higher again. Hold your ft shoulder-width aside and barely in entrance of you along with your palms holding the bar. When prepared, rotate your wrists to unhook the bar from the security stops and do a squat.

Figuring out how you can do a Smith machine squat correctly is essential as a result of it would allow you to get essentially the most out of the motion. For those who don’t do it accurately, you will get injured or received’t be capable of see the outcomes you need.

On this article, I’ll talk about:

  • The variations between a Smith machine squat and a barbell squat
  • The advantages and downsides of Smith machine squats
  • The way to do squats on a Smith machine
  • The way to implement them
  • Who ought to use them
  • What makes them controversial

4 Variations Between a Smith Machine Squat and a Barbell Squat

differences between a smith machine squat and a barbell squat

Earlier than attempting to do a Smith machine squat, it’s best to perceive the variations between it and a barbell squat.

1. Security Measures

One of many extra apparent facets of the Smith machine is that the bar is connected to the rack and is mounted to a vertical or semi-vertical motion. This ensures the Smith machine bar is not going to hurt anybody by falling off its stops.

Additionally, the weights don’t should be clipped on, because the bar won’t ever tilt to at least one facet.

Due to its free movement, a barbell squat can tilt backward and forward, relying on the standard of the raise. Thus, it wants security clips in case the plates begin shifting.

Different security facets of the Smith machine are its security stops and rotational lock. Because the bar is mounted to the machine, it would have a locking attachment on each ends that may clip onto one of many many security stops on the machine.

In follow, you have to rotate the bar off its stops to start your train. For those who fail your squat at any level, you rotate the bar once more to catch one of many security stops under.

Barbell squats are way more harmful on this regard, as you are likely to solely have two locations you’ll be able to set the bar: the beginning hooks the place the squat will begin and finish, or the security bars you might need positioned under your squat vary.

2. Bar Path

As alluded to earlier, the bar path on a Smith machine squat is mounted, whereas with a barbell, it’s fully free shifting. This can be a large distinction to regulate to, because it forces you to maneuver in a different way to finish your squat.

With a barbell squat, the bar strikes with you, and also you’ll know in case you’re squatting incorrectly as a result of it would really feel awkward.

Throughout a Smith machine squat, the bar doesn’t modify to you and the way you progress. As an alternative, you have to squat in a method that permits the bar to go up and down easily.

3. Stance

As a result of mounted bar path, you’ll have to regulate your squat stance to do a correct Smith machine squat.

If you concentrate on a barbell squat, you place your ft round shoulder-width aside, with toes identified. As you squat, the burden will distribute all through each of your ft as your knees push ahead over your toes.

With a Smith machine squat, the heels of your ft ought to be about the place your knees are, if not in entrance of them, so the movement of the bar doesn’t have an effect on you.

Study extra about discovering the correct squat stance in How Far Aside Ought to Toes Be For Squats? (Stance Breakdown).

4. Muscle Recruitment

Smith machine squats do a fantastic job of serving to you give attention to merely shifting the burden up and down with out worrying about balancing in the course of the motion.

Whereas this makes it simpler to carry out from a stability standpoint, the Smith machine squat takes the stress off the stabilizer muscle mass that profit from free-weight coaching and is much less sensible for real-life use.

Smith Machine Squat: Muscle tissue Labored

muscles worked in smith machine squat

A Smith machine squat will hit all the identical muscle mass as a barbell squat however will emphasize the load in a different way. The mounted bar path of the Smith machine and the adjustment it’s a must to make in your stance to squat accurately doesn’t change what muscle mass are labored. Nevertheless, it does change the extent of depth at which every muscle trains.

Main muscle mass labored embody:

  • Quadriceps – With ft additional ahead and a narrower stance, the quads can stretch to their full vary of movement.
  • Glutes – With a wider stance, the glutes attain a full stretch and are focused extra straight.
  • Calves – Completely different stances will have an effect on ankle flexion to varied levels, with ft narrower and extra central resulting in larger stretches within the calves.

Secondary muscle mass labored embody:

  • Hamstrings – Working because the antagonist to the quads, the hamstrings stretch and contract however with little pressure.
  • Erector spinae (muscle mass which all allow you to transfer and rotate your torso) – Usually centered on maintaining you upright, these stabilizer muscle mass don’t need to work as arduous throughout Smith machine squats.
  • Hips – The hip flexors will interact essentially the most on the backside of the squat when they’re most contracted.
  • Abdominals – They’re lively however not totally engaged, because the Smith machine takes away their stabilizing job.

The way to Do Smith Machine Squats

For those who’re uncertain how you can squat on a Smith machine, comply with the steps under. Some machines are extra angled than others. Doing an angled Smith machine squat is essentially the identical, however you will have to alter the path you face.

Step One: Modify the setting of the bar top

Arrange the bar in order that it’s under shoulder stage. This may make sure the bar rests in your higher again.

Step Two: Stand contained in the Smith machine

Step into the Smith machine such as you would a barbell squat along with your again dealing with away from the machine. Whether it is an angled Smith machine, face whichever method permits for a clean descent.

Step Three: Arrange beneath the bar

Grip the bar along with your palms in a snug place, place the bar in your higher again, and set your ft in order that your heels are in entrance of your knees.

Step 4: Rotate the bar off the security cease and descend right into a squat

Rotate the bar off of its security cease and start your descent. Go as little as you’ll be able to beneath management and spot how the motion will really feel completely different from a traditional squat. Attempt to hold your torso vertical.

Step 5: Push by way of your ft to face again up

Whenever you hit your backside place, elevate again up by pushing by way of your ft and contracting your quads and glutes to get you up.

Step Six: Full all reps, then rotate the bar once more to lock it on one of many security stops

Whenever you end, rotate the bar once more in order that it locks on one of many security stops, and exit the Smith machine. Congratulations! You accomplished a Smith machine squat.

Why Is the Smith Machine Controversial?

Using a weighted squat machine like a Smith machine stays a controversial topic with fierce arguments from supporters and opponents alike. The one different controversy that may rival it concerning decrease physique improvement is that of the leg press vs the squat.

What’s most essential to know is that, like several train, the Smith machine has its correct and improper makes use of.

Opponents of the Smith machine argue that the mounted bar path makes any train accomplished with it impractical when considering of real-life utilization.

From an athlete’s perspective, actual life has no assist beams, and the athlete is accountable for balancing themselves. The most effective athletes are those who practice and ideal game-like eventualities. Being mounted to a airplane of motion just isn’t a scenario that ever happens in video games or competitions and is thus not transferable to most sports activities.

One other flaw of the Smith machine is that it virtually eliminates the event of the stabilizer muscle mass. These muscle mass could not develop or strengthen in case you rely solely on the Smith machine on your decrease physique coaching.

4 Advantages of Smith Machine Squats

benefits of smith machine squats

1. No Spotter Is Needed

The obvious advantage of the Smith machine again squat is that it’s a safer possibility when lifting alone. The Smith machine is designed with so many security options that you could really feel snug utilizing it at any time when and nonetheless you need.

Now, it’s nonetheless on you to make use of this piece of kit responsibly as a result of accidents are nonetheless doable. However the accidents that comply with Smith machine utilization are typically from those that ignore warning indicators and don’t follow correct Smith machine squat type or attempt to benefit from the additional security mechanisms to try extra egregious Smith machine squat variations.

2. Muscular Isolation

With the added assist from the Smith machine, pressure is faraway from the stabilizer muscle mass, just like the abdominals and erector spinae muscle mass.

In case your purpose is to solely give attention to the quads, for instance, the Smith machine does a fantastic job of constructing certain you’ll be able to hit the quads with out worrying about failing due to one other physique half/muscle group. You’d hate to go after a muscle pump and fail to achieve it as a result of your again couldn’t deal with the burden that your legs may.

Barbell entrance squats and numerous entrance squat options are nice examples of workouts that extra usually fail as a consequence of different muscle teams somewhat than the legs themselves. The place your legs could be robust sufficient to hold the burden, your higher physique and core merely can’t deal with the identical stress as simply.

3. Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation course of advantages massively from muscular isolation. Even with out using a Smith machine, accidents or vital weaknesses in individuals are handled with them receiving some help, often balance-based, to assist rebuild the injured muscle.

The Smith machine does this by eradicating the necessity for stabilizer muscle mass and helps hold the give attention to the weak muscle, making it simpler to see progress in that muscle over time.

4. Elevate Extra Weight

Lifting extra weight comes with a caveat, as a Smith machine squat just isn’t consultant of how robust you might be within the squat motion. However, it’s usually true that you’ll be able to raise extra weight since you don’t have to fret about spending power stabilizing your self for the reason that Smith machine does it for you.

Although it’s not consultant of your true squat energy, doing a Smith machine squat with heavier weight may very well be interpreted in a different way with a give attention to how individually robust the quads are, for instance. With out interference from different muscle teams, we are able to see what the remoted muscle group is totally able to by itself from a energy perspective.

4 Drawbacks of Smith Machine Squats

Woman doing squats in smith machine.

1. Fitness center House Required

A disadvantage for individuals who personal gyms or need to construct their residence gyms is that Smith machines take up numerous house. Smith machines are typically larger than many squat racks or energy racks as a result of they have to embody the mounted bar and security measures.

Energy racks which are larger than the Smith machine nonetheless come out forward, as they are often extra environment friendly with their house, usually having attachments or further hooks so as to add extra tools if desired.

2. Price of Tools

Including to the woes of fitness center homeowners is the value of Smith machines. Common squat racks need to be sturdy, however they’re easy items of kit. Due to this, squat racks will usually be cheaper than the common Smith machine, which wants to incorporate all the additional security options it guarantees.

Whenever you begin fascinated about your fitness center, it turns into extra attractive to purchase a less expensive however good high quality squat rack and encourage your fitness center members to construct a group of assist to allow them to assist spot one another. You lower your expenses and foster relationships on the identical time.

3. Decrease Muscular Activation

On the subject of the workouts themselves, Smith machine squats are merely not efficient at activating muscle mass fully.

It appears counterintuitive, as one of many fundamental advantages of Smith machine squats is to isolate the prime mover muscle mass within the legs. The conclusion right here is that isolation doesn’t essentially imply larger pressure and pressure on the muscle — it simply signifies that muscle is the one one centered.

Equally, muscular pressure manufacturing is decrease in Smith machine squats than barbell squats. In the identical vein as decrease muscular activation, the muscle fibers lively in Smith machine squats are usually not activated as intensely as they could be throughout a free weight squat.

4. Decrease Actual-World Software

Possibly crucial draw back to the Smith machine squat is its lack of transferability to the actual world. In any case, we reside in a world with variables and environments continually altering round us. We’re by no means completely balanced, so it solely is smart to learn to stability with out help.

Apart from the few, small area of interest causes of why you’d use a Smith machine to squat, the overwhelming majority of us may see higher advantages from a standard barbell squat.

Smith Machine Squat Errors to Keep away from

smith machine squat mistakes to avoid

For those who’ve by no means used a Smith machine earlier than, it may be intimidating while you first strive it. All the brand new options and alternative ways it’s a must to transfer your physique are arduous to know at first, and also you’re sure to overlook one thing.

Here’s a listing of widespread errors I see when folks do Smith machine squats for the primary time in order that you understand what to keep away from.

Setting the Bar Too Excessive

The primary widespread mistake is setting the bar too excessive in your again earlier than making an attempt to squat. These new to squatting will are likely to assume that they should be totally straight up and standing as they get beneath the bar. Some go so far as being up on their tip-toes, like they’re doing a calf elevate, to un-rack and re-rack the burden.

That is somewhat harmful, because it signifies that the bar just isn’t resting correctly in your again initially, and you’ll have to reset your ft with all the burden on prime of you in an unbalanced place.

Setting the bar top correctly contains having it relaxation under your neck in your higher traps and shoulders. At that time, you will get beneath it by doing a tiny quarter-squat so you’ve got extra management to raise it and might rack the burden in a protected place as nicely.

Squatting Like You Would With a Barbell

The toughest adjustment to make when transitioning from barbell squats to again squats on the Smith machine is the completely different squatting stance. You might have completed variations like entrance squats, Zercher squats, and sumo squats that every one have completely different stances and squatting patterns, however all of them share similarity in how the burden is lowered in the course of the squat.

Barbell squatting entails you reducing the burden centrally on your self, virtually chopping your self right into a back and front half with how the bar strikes. With a Smith machine squat, the stance it’s a must to take places the burden additional behind you and your ft additional ahead. The mounted bar path on the Smith machine may also hold your weight and heart of stability again.

Finishing Reps Too Shortly

This isn’t a Smith machine unique concern, however it’s a widespread one as a result of help that Smith machines present.

Sometimes, when barbell squatting with heavy weights, everybody will take some further time in the course of the reducing and elevating phases as a result of they wish to be certain that they aren’t pushing themselves off-balance. That feeling will purposely sluggish you down and pressure you to think about your squat type extra.

Whenever you arrange your Smith machine squat accurately, it’s best to by no means really feel off-balance in the course of the train. This might provide you with a false sense of safety and want to hurry up your reps. It’s your duty at that time to regulate your tempo in the course of the raise.

Hunching Over Throughout Reps

Hunching whereas Smith machine squatting comes again to you not figuring out how you can do Smith machine squats correctly.

A simple solution to keep away from this error is by asking somebody to observe your type or recording your self doing just a few reps and making changes to the approach earlier than including weight.

In the identical method you may squat with simply the barbell to heat up and ensure every part feels proper, do this with the Smith machine and take note of your type earlier than loading the bar with weight.

Who Ought to Do Smith Machine Squats?

who should do smith machine squats

The Smith machine squat is a really particular train, however it’s appropriate for many individuals. Listed here are some examples of populations who would profit from implementing Smith machine squats.

These With Poor Balancing Potential

If in case you have vital balancing points due to previous age or some decrease physique situation that makes balancing tough, Smith machine squats are possibility. 

Power coaching is efficient as a result of you’ll be able to push the muscle mass to do full-range actions. But when your lack of balancing prevents you from ever utilizing the total vary of movement on free-weight workouts, utilizing a machine just like the Smith machine can assist.

These Who Are Injured or Rehabilitating an Damage

In case you are injured on the knee or ankle, free-weight squatting could be harmful. Nevertheless, the Smith machine squat can assist you practice your quads and calves in a method that takes stress off the knee and ankle.


Bodybuilders dedicate themselves to sculpting their physique in a selected method and fascinated about workouts from a perspective that many people won’t. They need to take proportions into consideration.

Free-weight squats are nice for quads, however additionally they interact the hamstrings, glutes, calves, and again to an extent. This might very simply throw off the proportions of the physique.

Whereas compound workouts like squats, bench, and deadlift are essential, isolation workouts are as essential to the bodybuilder who could have to give attention to rising one muscle or muscle group. Smith machine squats can assist goal the quads with out partaking many different muscle mass that could be lively throughout a free-weight squat.

There may be additionally a time and place for powerlifters to do isolation workouts. Study extra in Do Powerlifters Do Isolation Workouts? (Sure, Right here’s How).

New Lifters or These Who Work Out Alone

In case you are a newbie and don’t know how you can do a correct barbell squat but, otherwise you don’t have any individual who can spot you and assist appropriate your type, you can even profit from doing Smith machine squats.

As a newbie, you shouldn’t fear about making speedy energy progress, anyway. That may come, however crucial factor for you is to learn to raise weights accurately, and the Smith machine can assist with that.

Who Ought to Not Do Smith Machine Squats?

On condition that the Smith machine squat may be very particular, it isn’t helpful for everybody.

Listed here are examples of people that wouldn’t profit from Smith machine squatting.


The carryover of Smith machine squats to most sports activities is little to nothing. Athletes are usually not constructing muscle per se and are by no means remoted when taking part in so they need to hardly ever, if ever, use a Smith machine to squat.

For those who’re an athlete with out entry to a barbell, I might advocate squatting with dumbbells or kettlebells over squatting on a Smith machine.


Equally, powerlifters should excellent a selected vary of movement and be as robust as doable in that vary of movement. Not solely does the Smith machine squat not examine to a barbell squat when it comes to bar path, however as mentioned earlier, the muscular activation and pressure manufacturing is decrease than free-weight options.

For somebody who wants to maximise their time in energy constructing, Smith machine squats are a waste of time.

These Seeking to Achieve Power Quick

Possibly you wish to get stronger however are usually not competing in a sport or powerlifting. Even for you, Smith machine squats are usually not environment friendly sufficient to warrant doing them when you have the choice for other ways to squat.

These Who Have Entry To a Squat Rack

In case you are not a part of the group I discussed that may profit from Smith machine squats, it’s best to all the time select different squat variations over Smith machine squats when you have entry to a squat rack and a barbell. I might even say to do goblet squats and different free-weight variations first.

This recommendation doubles for the hack squat, the same machine-based motion because the Smith machine squat. There may be different tools that may present higher options to both of those machines.

Try our prime hack squat options in case you’re in search of extra squat variations.

The way to Program Smith Machine Squats

how to program smith machine squat

In case you are interested by including Smith machine squats to your routine, right here’s a solution to do it that is smart and can assist you progress in your targets.

The Smith machine squat ought to be executed as an accent train somewhat than a fundamental raise. For those who deal with it as an adjunct, the advantages you acquire from it are far larger.

When including the Smith machine squat as an adjunct, it ought to be positioned in the course of your exercise, ideally proper after your fundamental squat raise.

Since you would have already free-weight squatted at this level, the burden ought to be a little bit lighter with the Smith machine squat so to give attention to type greater than the rest.

Begin with assuming your Smith machine squat functionality is round 60-80% of what your free-weight squat is. It ought to act as an extra increase to the prime movers of the free-weight squat, so it shouldn’t be as taxing as your fundamental raise.

The perfect rep vary adjustments based mostly on what your targets are, however listed below are some choices of what’s acceptable for every purpose.

  • Power: 3 – 5 units of 4 – 8 reps
  • Hypertrophy: 4 – 5 units of 10 – 20 reps
  • Rehabilitation: 3 units of 8 – 12 reps

3 Smith Machine Squat Variations

After we say Smith machine squat, we assume that it’s a Smith machine model of a barbell again squat. Whereas true, it doesn’t clarify the opposite kinds of squats we’re able to doing with a Smith machine. The bar could also be mounted, however that doesn’t imply our minds need to be.

Smith Machine Entrance Squat

The entrance squat variation on the Smith machine generally is a simpler model of the again squat on the subject of quad improvement. The barbell entrance squat is already touted as a greater quad developer than the barbell again squat, so the carryover to the Smith machine is smart.

The rationale the Smith machine entrance squat is a greater model for this purpose is due to the burden placement on the entrance facet of your physique somewhat than your bottom. This may assist overload the quads and never let the hamstrings and glutes assist out as a lot.

When Smith machine entrance squatting, it’s a must to be conscious of some issues. Chances are you’ll end up tipping ahead, so you have to to regulate your stance and the way you descend. This might imply putting your ft even additional ahead, along with your torso straight beneath the bar as you carry out the raise.

Additionally, in case you maintain the bar in a clear place it’s possible you’ll discover it tough to rotate the bar to lock and unlock from the security stops. A cross grip may go well with you higher.

Smith Machine Zercher Squat

Zercher squats are nice for athletes and for serving to develop torso energy beneath load. The Smith machine Zercher squat is extra torso-focused than the traditional Smith machine squat. With the added help, it may be start line for lifters new to studying the barbell Zercher squat.

Identical because the Smith machine entrance squat, be conscious that it will likely be tough to rotate the bar into a security cease for the reason that bar will probably be within the crooks of your elbows.

One other widespread concern with barbell Zercher squats is hunching over in the course of the raise, so take note of that as nicely when doing the Smith machine model.

Smith Machine Sumo Squat

The Smith machine sumo squat could also be one of many few methods to hit your squat stabilizer muscle mass nicely with a Smith machine. Free-weight sumo squats hold you extra vertical and are designed to hit your adductors (groin) and glutes way more successfully than conventional free-weight squats.

The Smith machine sumo squat doesn’t have as many pitfalls as different Smith machine squat variations as long as the stance is large and the torso is vertical.

3 Smith Machine Squat Options

Just like the free weight options that exist for barbell squatting, there are additionally a number of Smith machine squat variations. They work comparable muscle mass however in several methods with completely different motion patterns.

Smith Machine Break up Squat

Just like the Bulgarian cut up squat, the Smith machine cut up squat requires a bench or field so that you can relaxation one foot on. This can be a good different to the Smith machine squat as a result of it provides extra stress and muscular isolation on every leg individually.

Whereas the burden is not going to be as excessive as a traditional Smith machine squat, the give attention to the muscle mass used will probably be extra intense.

Smith Machine Leg Press

Bizarre-looking as it might be, this can be a official train when completed proper. Mendacity in your again along with your legs pushing up on the bar simulates the machine model of the leg press very nicely.

It is usually different train due to the additional advantage of forcing you to brace your torso whereas on the bottom. For those who begin elevating your again off the bottom, you lose the advantages of correct bracing that you could get from this train on prime of the normal leg press advantages.

Smith Machine Reverse Lunges

Finishing any train shifting backward is tough, as we’re made to look forwards. Doing Smith machine reverse lunges helps keep away from the balancing issue with this train and means that you can give attention to type way more.

Smith machine reverse lunges are different to Smith machine squats as a result of they will hit the quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves in a extra distributed method.

Steadily Requested Questions

Are Smith Machine Break up Squats Good?

Smith machine squats could be good or unhealthy. If you wish to give attention to isolating the quads, hamstrings, and glutes with out worrying about stability, it’s train. If you wish to practice the stabilizer muscle mass or practice for real-world functions, a free-weight model is healthier.

What Muscle tissue Do Smith Machine Break up Squats Work?

Smith machine cut up squats work the identical muscle mass as a traditional cut up squat however with heavier emphasis on the prime movers and little or no impact on the stabilizers. Smith machine cut up squats work the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. As a result of it’s an off-balance train, it would additionally work the core muscle mass.

How Do You Do a Bulgarian Break up Squat on the Smith Machine?

To do a Bulgarian cut up squat on the Smith machine, arrange a field or a bench to relaxation one leg behind you. Get beneath the Smith machine bar, rotate it to get it off the security locks, and squat down. Be conscious of the added issue in balancing on one leg.

Remaining Ideas

Smith machine squats and slanted Smith machine squats are controversial workouts largely out of bewilderment and a scarcity of expertise.

They supply fairly just a few advantages, like being a self-spotting gadget and serving to those that wrestle with stability. However additionally they have their flaws in that they don’t activate the muscle mass as a lot and are usually not as relevant to real-life eventualities as free-weight squats.

When contemplating implementing a Smith machine squat into your program, be certain that there’s a cause for it. Loads of options, like goblet squats, kettlebell squats, and barbell squats, obtain the identical or higher outcomes.

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