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How A lot Does a Smith Machine Bar Weigh? (The Reply Might Shock You!)

Smith machines are items of apparatus with a bar fastened to metal rails to repair the motion in a near-vertical aircraft. “How a lot weight is the bar on a Smith machine?” is a typical query for individuals new to this piece of apparatus.

So, how a lot does a Smith Machine bar weigh? The Smith machine bar weight is mostly 15 to 25 lbs. However it could vary from 6 to 45 lbs. There aren’t any standardized Smith machine specs, so the load will rely upon the mannequin/model, sort of fabric used, and dimension of the bar.

With out realizing the load of the bar you’re utilizing, will probably be troublesome to do your exercises in the event you change to a distinct sort of bar.

For instance, an Olympic barbell weighs 45 lbs. For those who change from a lighter Smith machine bar to a heavier barbell and cargo the identical variety of plates on the barbell, you might not be prepared for the additional weight and injure your self.

On this article, I’ll talk about:

  • The elements affecting the load of a Smith machine bar
  • The typical weight of various Smith machine bars
  • Methods to decide the load of your Smith machine bar
  • The significance of utilizing the right weight in weightlifting

Components That Have an effect on the Weight of a Smith Machine Bar


Materials Utilized in Manufacturing

Smith machine bars are sometimes fabricated from metal. Nevertheless, the kind of metal used with a Smith machine is way lighter than an Olympic barbell. Smith machines have a hook on both facet of the bar to latch onto the metal beams. As a result of the bar has assist from the outer metal beams, there may be much less bending stress on the bar in comparison with an Olympic barbell. With much less bending stress, the bar doesn’t want to face up to as a lot pressure.

Size and Diameter of the Bar

Most Smith machine bars are 1” in diameter, whereas an Olympic barbell is 2” in diameter. Smith machines can’t match full-size Olympic plates on the bar until you’ve an adapter like this one from Amazon due to the smaller diameter.  

Angle of the Rails

The angle of the metal rails modifications how a lot the bar will weigh. Most residential Smith machine rails are vertical, whereas most industrial machines have a slight incline of 7-12 levels. The extra vertical the bar path is on the rails, the extra you’ll really feel the total weight of the bar.

That’s one motive why many residential Smith machine bars really feel heavier than industrial ones.


A counterbalanced bar acts as a balancing scale. There’s a set of weights on one facet of the Smith machine, and the bar is on the opposite facet of the machine. That is meant to make the bar weigh much less. If the bar weighs 20 lbs and the weights on the opposite facet of the machine are 10 lbs, the bar will then really feel like and weigh 10 lbs.

Model and Mannequin

Industrial Smith machines are constituted of cheaper supplies and sometimes have a smaller-sized bar in comparison with residential machines. Most residential Smith machines will sometimes have many pulleys and cable attachments to permit for a lot of completely different exercises.

One of many key variations between residential and industrial Smith machines is that the majority commercial-grade Smith machines, like these at gyms like Planet Health or LA Health, have a counterbalance.

How A lot Do Smith Machine Bars Weigh?

Listed here are the weights of smith machine bars at the most well-liked gyms.

Model Bar Weight Kind
Planet Health 15-20 lbs Industrial
LA Health 15-25 lbs Industrial
Gold’s Fitness center 20 lbs Industrial
Anytime Health 45 lbs Industrial
Crunch Health 12 lbs Industrial
Hammer Power 20 lbs Industrial
Marcy 16-36 lbs, relying on the mannequin Residential
Pressure USA 45 lbs Residential

A disadvantage of a Smith Machine bar is it’s going to weigh in another way relying on what health club you go to. Every model and mannequin has its personal weight.

Under, I’ll go over the load of the bar for various Smith Machine manufacturers and the weights of the bar of Smith Machines you’ll discover at the most well-liked industrial gyms.

Planet Health Smith Machine

As a result of Planet Health is so well-known, many individuals ask, “How a lot does the bar weigh at Planet Health?”

The Smith machine bar weight at every Planet Health location is written on the facet of the machine, nevertheless it ranges from 15-20 lbs.

LA Health Smith Machine

The Smith machine bars at LA Health vary from 15-25 lbs.

Gold’s Fitness center

All Gold’s Gyms use the identical mannequin of Smith Machine. Their bars weigh 20 lbs.

Anytime Health

I spoke to employees members at a number of Anytime Health areas. Smith machines usually are not obtainable at each location. On the areas that do have Smith machines, employees members mentioned the bar weighs 45 lbs.

Crunch Health

The Crunch Health Smith Machine bars weigh 12 lbs.  

Hammer Power Smith Machine

Hammer Power is a well-liked model many industrial gyms use. The Hammer Power Smith machine bar weight is 20 lbs.

Marcy Smith Machine

Marcy creates all-in-one Smith machines with the bar, pulleys, and different attachments. Most of its bars weigh 16 lbs, however the bar on the SM-4033 mannequin weighs 36 lbs, and the bar on the Diamond Elite MD-9010G mannequin weighs 25 lbs.

Pressure USA Smith Machine

This can be a well-liked at-home Smith machine that makes use of an Olympic barbell of 45 lbs.

Methods to Decide the Weight of Your Smith Machine Bar


Weighing the Bar Utilizing a Scale

Place a tall, onerous field beneath the bar path. Place your scale on prime of the field and launch the bar off the helps. Fastidiously relaxation the bar on the size, and that studying would be the bar weight.

You may as well stand on a scale with the bar in your again. Subtract your physique weight from that studying, and that would be the bar weight.

Checking the Producer’s Specs

The model of Smith machine you’re utilizing shall be someplace on the machine. The producer can have particulars on-line concerning the dimensions of the machine, particularly the load of the bar.

Most industrial gyms may also have the load listed on the machine. For instance, the Planet Health Smith machine bar weight shall be on the facet of the machine.

Asking a Fitness center Workers Member

That is the quickest and best option to discover out the load of a Smith machine bar. A health club employees member ought to know the way a lot their tools weighs. In the event that they don’t know the load, you’ve the earlier two choices to know the way heavy the Smith machine bar is.

Significance of Utilizing the Right Weight in Weightlifting

Doing squats in Smith machine

Security Issues

There are security issues for you and the tools itself if you’re not coaching correctly. For instance, the Hammer Power Smith Machine has a most weight of 650 lbs. For those who exceed that weight doing a Smith machine squat variation, you would put your self vulnerable to harm and harm to the machine.

Reaching Desired Ends in Coaching

Realizing the load of the bar you’re utilizing will aid you decide extra correct weight to make use of in your exercises. For those who do a seated overhead press with 95 lbs with an Olympic bar and wish to do it on a Smith Machine bar, you would need to add extra weight to the bar since Smith Machine bars are lighter.

Try some Arnold press options you should utilize on a Smith Machine. 

Avoiding Damage and Selling Longevity in Weightlifting

Weight coaching can result in harm if accomplished incorrectly. Lifting too heavy weight with poor kind can result in strains, sprains, or tears. Utilizing weight that’s not applicable for you is also holding you again from reaching muscular improvement.

Your physique will thanks in the event you use the right weight in weightlifting. Realizing the load of health club tools will promote long-term muscle development as a result of you’ll be able to appropriately and safely progressively overload your lifts.

Regularly Requested Questions

Can You Do Hip Thrusts on a Smith Machine?

You are able to do hip thrusts on a Smith machine. Smith Machine hip thrusts are an amazing different to barbell or dumbbell hip thrusts. Carry out the train simply as you’d with the bar throughout your lap.

If you wish to study the most effective variations of a barbell hip thrust, take a look at this text 9 Greatest Barbell Hip Thrust Options (With Footage).

What’s the Greatest Smith Machine to Use?

The very best Smith machine is the Pressure USA G9 All-In-One-Coach. For its value level, it has all the things you want in a Smith machine. The bar weighs 45 lbs, so will probably be probably the most correct bar to an Olympic bar. There are lots of cable attachments and pulleys, so you are able to do many workout routines on this machine.

Remaining Ideas: How Heavy is a Smith Machine Bar?

So, to wrap up, how a lot does a Smith machine bar weigh?

Smith machine bar weights will range, however it’s best to anticipate the common weight of your Smith machine bar to be 15 lbs to 25 lbs. Asking a health club employees member or checking the manufacturing particulars would be the best option to discover out the load of the bar.

Concerning the Writer

Jake Woodruff has an MS in Sports activities Drugs from the College of Pittsburgh. His analysis space explored how an train intervention affected runners with knee ache measured by a motion screening. He’s presently a power and conditioning sports activities efficiency coach at a personal Pittsburgh facility. He’s a former faculty athlete and presently performs semi-pro soccer.



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