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Fixing Curcumin

A unclean little secret

A lot of the research that show curcumin’s effectiveness primarily management situations to eradicate these two inconvenient problems so as to make sure that free curcumin is delivered and absorbed with out being deactivated by the human physique’s pure metabolizing processes or rejected by cells due to its incompatibility with absorbtion gatekeepers.

To clear the primary impediment, most curcumin dietary supplements solubilize curcumin, dissolving it in water. Sadly, solubilizing curcumin solely makes it simpler to your physique to transform energetic free curcuminoids into ineffective metabolites marked for disposal. In different phrases, it delivers deactivated curcumin previous the digestive tract, however it doesn’t ship helpful portions of energetic, free curcumin to cells – and even then, any water-soluble curcumin remaining nonetheless has a remaining hurdle to get into your cells. To get inside cell membranes, it’s a must to get previous the water-loving exterior earlier than attending to the fat-loving inside.

We’ve lengthy recognized of the results that curcuminoids can have, however we’ve been unable to really understand these results in actual human our bodies. Getting energetic, free curcumin safely out of the intestine after which into cell membranes required a very new strategy.

A brand new strategy

The expertise that makes curcumin viable and efficient in human our bodies didn’t exist. So First Endurance developed it.

For over a decade, I’ve been researching and conducting research on curcumin to reconcile the disconnect between excellent lab outcomes with animals, and in vitro research and fewer efficient replication of these ends in precise people.

The breadcrumbs of my analysis path embrace two human research on curcumin’s bioavailability and three critiques of revealed analysis literature. These breadcrumbs in the end led to HALO, which concerned growing a proprietary, patent-pending expertise that each protects curcumin towards the physique’s tendency to deactivate it and likewise facilitates supply and absorption the place curcumin produces its useful outcomes: cell membranes.

The important thing for making curcumin efficient in people is Superba2™, a krill oil that suspends curcumin in, properly, a halo of phospholipid safety. Superba2™ wards off deactivation and disposal, maintaining free curcumin free, and it’s additionally uniquely suitable with cell membranes, so it reduces the method for membrane uptake from round 20 steps to 3-4 steps.

To be clear, there are different merchandise and dietary supplements that use fish or algal oils to aim this, however my analysis has repeatedly proven Superba2™ to be the most effective, simplest curcumin supply mechanism. The proprietary phospholipid supply system protects the curcuminoids and retains them steady to allow them to be delivered the precise method, get as a lot absorbed as attainable, and really produce these anti-inflammatory results.

Superba2™ can be wealthy in omega-3s. (That’s not one thing we are able to say for endurance athletes, 95% of whom are omega-3 poor.) Cell membranes convert omega-3s as wanted right into a plethora of eicosanoids, resolvins and different very potent signaling molecules that assist musculoskeletal tissues restore and get well – a complement to the confirmed advantages of curcumin. Curcumin even serves as an antioxidant protector of omega-3s, defending them and emphasizing the work of antistress eicosanoids. And Superba2™ comprises astaxanthin, a potent fat-soluble antioxidant that protects curcumin.



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