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Extra Rows for Wholesome Shoulders? Probably not ….

Earlier than I get my justifiable share of hate mail, I want to make clear that is simply my very own expertise, yours could also be totally different. However as with all different issues on this weblog, if it helps you, then nice!

Till not too long ago I all the time had issues with my shoulders. They’d harm virtually on a regular basis, I suppose the 15+ years of benching didn’t assist …

I learn tons of articles on web about shoulder well being and how you can get them again to regular so I began rowing extra, as all of the gurus stated. I rowed a number of instances per week for some actually stable quantity: barbell rows, DB rows, low cable rows, you identify it. Guess what, it didn’t assist. Shoulders had been nonetheless dangerous and the press and popping was even worse.

So, I launched one other weapon, direct rotator cuff work. Nothing. Nonetheless no outcomes.

I dug even deeper after which it hit me. In case your shoulders are tight and in a nasty place, no quantity of row work will get them again, you continue to row along with your shoulders in a nasty place and reinforce the incorrect motion patterns all again and again. I additionally couldn’t perceive why all of the Russian lifters who do little rowing or none in any respect, can bench as much as 4 instances per week and their shoulders appear to be simply superb.

“The bench press technique”. Article was published in the “Powerlifting USA” magazine. JAN/2010. P.12-13, 70-71 (Sheiko B., Fetisov V.)

4 issues helped me with tight and hurting shoulders:

Benching frequency
I seen once I went from benching as soon as per week to frequency 2-3 instances per week, my shoulders began getting actually stable. First few weeks weren’t simple however the physique tailored and shoulders obtained extra steady and grew.

Buying and selling max weight for quantity
After I stopped maxing out in coaching and began coaching in blocks, similar to 6 units of 5 @ 60% or 6 units of three @ 80%, I constructed power and mass and shoulders weren’t as beat up as earlier than. I now NEVER max out in coaching. If I can do 5 units 2 with 85% and the 85% is 10kg larger than final cycle 85%, I’m stronger. Blocks offer you a fantastic benefit, you continue to raise heavy, you do tons of quantity and your method is all the time excellent. Since you hone your method a number of instances per week over many units, there’s a fairly good probability your 1RM raise on the meet will likely be with the identical kind and method.

Overhead urgent
I seen on many vids that the scapulae transfer little or no throughout benching and likewise little or no throughout rows. However they transfer so much when overhead urgent. As soon as I added overhead urgent 1-2 instances per week 6 units of 8 with reasonable weight, my shoulders not solely grew larger however the ache all went away. It’s essential that you simply transfer your head ahead at lockout, your scapulae raise up and rotate, you need to really feel a really sturdy contraction in delts and higher traps. Pause a second at lockout to completely have interaction the small scapular rotators, they may thanks later when benching. Goal for the place on the very proper on each single rep:

Higher again and shoulder mobility
Now we have very unhealthy life types. We sit at computer systems all day lengthy, we don’t use our legs and arms as our ancestors did, we transfer little or no usually, we drive so much. All this implies diminished mobility and tight higher again. Search the web for higher again mobility and shoulder girdle mobility drills. Yep, all these easy actions all of us did in elementary college throughout bodily training lessons. Arm circles, higher again rotations, twists in all angles, every kind of shoulder dislocates with a broomstick or a leaping rope. It is best to do higher again and shoulder mobility a number of instances per week. The extra instructions and planes of motion the higher. Are you a desk jockey and journey continuously like me? You will discover 10 minutes in your resort room, proper? Simply do it. It isn’t attractive or badass however it’s rattling useful in your pain-free lifting.

Hmmm, no rows ….. when unsure add some heavy rows to the factors above and you might be bulletproof and able to bench huge. With pain-free shoulders 😉



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