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Ditch the Milk and Go Milk Free –

Bodybuilders have lengthy been informed that milk is a should for constructing muscle. However is that this the case? The reply is NO!


Milk, particularly uncooked milk, accommodates lactose, a carbohydrate that may trigger digestive issues akin to cramps, diarrhea, and even bloating. In actual fact, many bodybuilders who eat dairy merchandise expertise negative effects like these.


A current report by The Physicians Committee For Accountable Medication says that consuming dairy milk will increase the chance of growing most cancers and diabetes whereas reducing bone density and rising the chance of coronary heart illness


What’s extra, for those who’re making an attempt to drop a few pounds however nonetheless wish to construct muscle, dairy merchandise are the very last thing you want as a result of they are going to add further kilos to your body.


 That’s why I like to recommend ditching dairy milk for soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat, or hemp protein powder, as they’re the perfect plant-based protein powders in the marketplace at present. They comprise a high-quality protein supply which you could tolerate with out hostile negative effects. Under are plant-based options for almost each dairy product.


Coconut Milk

a glass of coconut milk with coconut halves on a brown table


Coconut milk is a dairy-free different to common milk wealthy in taste, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. It’s low in energy and has no lactose or ldl cholesterol, making it a wholesome different to common milk.


Coconut milk is a perfect post-workout drink, particularly for vegan or lactose illiberal. It’s excessive in fats, and most of it comes from medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). 


MCTs are damaged down extra rapidly than different fat and are burned straight as vitality as a substitute of being saved by the physique. In addition they encourage weight reduction as a result of they’re digested extra quickly than different fat.


Coconut milk has been proven to spice up metabolism by elevating the physique’s temperature. This helps burn fats quicker whereas sleeping or throughout train. Right here’s the dietary data for coconut milk:


Coconut Milk Diet Info of 1 cup (240 ml) Per Serving % Each day Worth

  • Energy 46
  • Whole Fats 4 grams
  • Whole Carbohydrates 1gram
  • Protein 0 grams


Coconut milk can also be low in sugar, making it a superb substitute for heavy cream in your espresso or tea. It’s possible you’ll take a while to get used to the style; nevertheless, for those who aren’t used to consuming the extra strong type of coconut oil, you can also make coconut milk protein shake out of it. 


Examples of Coconut Milk Protein Shakes


Oat Milk

Oat milk is constructed from oats and water, blended to provide the drink with a consistency just like soy or almond milk. It’s the preferred more healthy different for dairy milk.


 Oat milk is a superb supply of fiber, containing virtually twice as a lot fiber as common dairy milk and antioxidants that may assist decrease ldl cholesterol. It is usually nice calcium, vitamin D, and protein supply, containing over 6 grams of protein per cup, in comparison with almond milk, which solely accommodates one gram per cup. 


Diet info for 1 cup (240 ml) of unsweetened authentic oat milk:

  • Energy 120 
  • Phosphorus22% of DV
  • Riboflavin 46% of DV
  • Fats 5 grams  
  • Carbohydrates 16 grams
  • Fiber 2 grams
  • Protein 3 grams 
  • 27% of the every day worth (DV) for calcium 
  • Vitamin A 18% of  DV 
  • Vitamin C 18% of DV).


Oat milk has been confirmed to be efficient in serving to individuals drop a few pounds. It has ample soluble fiber, which makes you’re feeling fuller for longer and aids in digestion, serving to you curb your urge for food and keep away from snacking between meals. 


It helps decrease “unhealthy” levels of cholesterol as a result of it accommodates beta-glucan, lowering ldl cholesterol absorption. Oat milk additionally accommodates excessive soluble fiber ranges, which increase metabolism by eradicating extra ldl cholesterol from the physique. This lowers the quantity of LDL (unhealthy) ldl cholesterol circulating in your bloodstream and reduces your threat of coronary heart illnesses, strokes and coronary heart assaults because of elevated unhealthy levels of cholesterol.


You should use this wholesome drink anyplace you utilize common dairy milk, however it’s particularly important in making oat milk protein shakes.


Examples of Oat Milk Protein Shakes

Listed here are some examples of protein shakes that may be made utilizing oat milk:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein oat Shake
  • Oat, Cocoa, and Banana Protein Shake
  • Cinnamon Bun Protein Shake
  • Chocolate Mint Protein Shake


Almond Milk

Almond milk is created from floor almonds blended with water. It has a gentle, nutty taste and a creamy texture just like soy or coconut milk.


 It accommodates nutritional vitamins and minerals, which might differ relying on the model. Almonds are additionally a wealthy supply of protein and fiber. These assist construct muscle and cut back ldl cholesterol whereas additionally boosting your immune system.


Almond milk is of course decrease in energy than different milk varieties. It has no saturated fats, making it an important choice to exchange your common milk with out worrying in regards to the well being of your physique.


Unsweetened Almond Milk Diet Info of  240 ml (8 ounces) Quantity Per Serving accommodates:

  • Energy: 41 grams
  • Fats: 2.5 grams
  • Protein: 1 gram
  • Carbohydrates: 2 grams
  • Fats: 3 grams
  • Vitamin E 50% of DV

It may be used for cooking and baking similar to another sort of milk, nevertheless it doesn’t style fairly the identical in espresso or tea. Nevertheless, if you would like it to style higher, make an Almond Milk Protein Shake with it.


Almond Milk Protein Shakes

Listed here are protein shakes which you could make utilizing almond milk:

  • Banana Peanut Butter Shake
  • Cherry Vanilla Protein Shake
  • Almond Pleasure
  • Almond Milk Banana Smoothie
  • Blueberry Vanilla Protein Shake
  • Almond Milk Espresso Smoothie
  • Almond Chocolate Strawberry Protein Shake


Soy Milk

soy in a bowl and glass of soy milk on a brown wood

There are various kinds of soy milk, however the two hottest are whole fats and low fats. Soy milk is different milk that’s naturally excessive in protein and accommodates all important amino acids. By utilizing soy milk as a substitute of dairy, you possibly can obtain a rise in protein whereas nonetheless sustaining a low-calorie food regimen.

One cup of soy milk (240ml) accommodates: 

  • energy 105
  • protein 6 grams 
  • fats 4 gams 
  • Vitamin B12 34%
  • carbohydrates 12 grams of DV
  • phosphorus 10% of DV
  • calcium 30% of DV
  • magnesium
  • zinc 


Soy milk is wealthy within the amino acid leucine. After a strenuous exercise session, this important amino acid helps enhance muscle development and restore broken tissues. The presence of leucine triggers muscle protein synthesis and reduces muscle breakdown throughout train periods. Soy milk may also assist enhance muscle contraction effectivity whereas decreasing post-exercise muscle soreness.


It is usually wealthy in isoflavone, reducing blood stress and “unhealthy” levels of cholesterol.


It’s essential to notice that not all soy milk just isn’t created equal. Some firms use loads of sugar of their merchandise, which will increase the calorie rely and will increase the chance of coronary heart illnesses diabetes. It’s greatest to search for a low-sugar model with “unsweetened” written on the label.


Soy Milk Protein Shakes

Examples of protein shakes made with Soy Milk embrace:

  • Banana Soy Protein Shake
  • Espresso Soy Protein Shake
  • Soy Chocolate Protein Shake
  • Soy Banana-Berry Shake
  • Banana-acai-blueberry smoothie
  • Vanilla bean inexperienced tea


Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is a non-dairy and gluten-free different to common milk. It’s excessive in protein, nutritional vitamins A and D, and important fatty acids.


Hemp milk is constructed from grinding hemp seeds right into a high quality powder and mixing the powder with water. The ensuing liquid is then strained to provide a creamy white liquid with a nutty, barely grassy style and accommodates all of the important amino acids important for the expansion of muscle tissue.


 It additionally accommodates Omega-3 fatty acids, that are important vitamins. You get each these vitamins in hemp seed, they usually might help you construct muscle tissue quicker and extra strong.


One cup of hemp milk accommodates:

  • Energy 60
  • Carbs 0
  • Iron 15% of DV2
  • Proteins 3g
  • Fats 5g
  • Calcium 20% of DV
  • Magnesium 15% of DV


Hemp Milk Protein Shakes

There are completely different protein shakes that one could make utilizing hemp milk. They embrace:

  • Frozen Strawberry Hemp Shake 
  • Banana Protein Shake
  • Tropical Inexperienced Smoothie
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Protein Shake
  • Tropical Mango Hemp Shake
  • Tofu Hemp Shake


The Dietary Advantages of Going Dairy Free

Improvement of sturdy tooth and bones Not like dairy milk, almond milk is a wonderful supply of calcium. It has about 30% of the every day worth of calcium per cup. This mineral is crucial for sturdy bones and tooth.


Holding pores and skin clear and supple– Almond milk accommodates Vitamin E that helps hold your pores and skin trying clean and supple. It additionally helps preserve correct blood circulation within the physique, which improves general well being. Vitamin E may additionally shield towards coronary heart illness and most cancers.


Weight reduction– dairy milk accommodates saturated fats that causes a rise in weight. By reducing out dairy and changing it with extra healthful options, you possibly can enhance your well being and drop a few pounds.


Scale back digestion issues- Dairy merchandise usually trigger digestive misery as a result of they comprise lactose and casein which can be troublesome to digest with out assistance from an enzyme known as lactase. By reducing them out, you’ll cut back digestion issues.


Decrease ldl cholesterol levels- giving up dairy merchandise reduces your consumption of saturated fats, which might help to decrease your levels of cholesterol, which is able to assist forestall coronary heart illness, and cut back blood stress by about 2/3 of some extent to those that have hypertension


Comparability of Every Different Milk to Common Milk

Now that we’ve got appeared on the dietary advantages of going dairy-free, let’s examine every different milk to common milk. The dietary proof relies on 1 cup (8 ounces) obtained from the USDA’s nutrient database and the web sites of some distinguished manufacturers.

Vitamins Common Milk(complete milk) Coconut milk Oat Milk(authentic) Almond milk(pure) Soy Milk Hemp Milk
Energy 150Cal 420Cal 91.2Cal 30Cal 103.2Cal 60Cal
carbs 12g 6g 19g 1g 11.8g 20g
Proteins 8g 3g 2g 1g 6.2g 3g
Fats 8g 15g 1.5g 2.5g 3.5g 5g
Fiber 0 0 2g 1g
Calcium 28% 0 25% 30% 20% 30%
Phosphorus 21% 6%
Potasium 9% 6% 8% 2% 7% 8%
Vitamin D 31% 10% 31% 10% 15% 20%
Vitamin E 20% 25%



In abstract, there are many causes to ditch the milk and change to a dairy-free way of life. If that sounds daunting, take it gradual. Strive one dairy-free meal per week for a month. Then add one other. Quickly sufficient, you’ll be nicely in your option to residing the dairy-free life you’ve all the time dreamed about.

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