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Choose dismisses Trevor Bauer’s defamation swimsuit towards Deadspin

Today a federal judge granted our motion to dismiss Trevor Bauer’s defamation suit.

As we speak a federal decide granted our movement to dismiss Trevor Bauer’s defamation swimsuit.
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Former Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer sued Deadspin and former managing editor Chris Baud over three statements on this article from 2021, written a couple of short-term restraining order a girl wanted a sexual encounter with Bauer. Based on the girl, the intercourse was initially consensual however was a violent sexual assault. Bauer claimed that three statements in our article had been defamatory – that his lawyer didn’t deny he was answerable for her accidents, that the sufferer didn’t consent to having her face crushed and her cranium fractured (we all know), and that it was solely the preliminary CT scan that confirmed a fracture. Bauer alleged that the statements had been false as a result of he didn’t really fracture the sufferer’s cranium and no CT scan ever confirmed a fracture.

However the Honorable Choose Paul A. Crotty of america District Court docket for the Southern District of New York disagreed with Bauer’s claims, granting Deadspin’s movement to dismiss Bauer’s lawsuit with prejudice. A dismissal with prejudice implies that the case alleging the identical details can’t be filed once more.

In a 16-page opinion, Crotty acknowledged that Deadspin didn’t considerably misrepresent the girl’s claims towards Bauer. Crotty additional wrote:

“The Petition and accompanying medical data point out that, following (the girl’s’) encounter with Bauer, a health care provider — (not the girl) herself — recognized her with “important head and facial trauma” and signs of a basilar cranium fracture, together with “racoon eyes” and a “Battle’s signal,” that are observable indicators of a possible fracture … These signs weren’t merely ‘self-reported,’ however primarily based on a doctor’s preliminary examination and commentary of (the girl). Which means that the true bridge between the contested Statements — (Bauer) fractured (the girl’s) cranium as recognized by an preliminary CT scan-and actuality — (Bauer) brought about (the girl) facial trauma that a health care provider initially recognized as signs of a cranium fracture — is sufficiently small to render the ‘gist’ or ‘sting’ of the statements unchanged.”

Crotty continued, “Whether or not these accidents included a cranium fracture or just ‘important head and facial trauma’ and bruising doesn’t change the character of the accusations, nor would it not produce a distinct impact on the thoughts of the reader.”

Right here’s the place we level out that the headline within the piece that acquired Bauer so fired up stated he ought to by no means pitch in MLB once more. Up to now, he hasn’t.

We at Deadspin are heartened by the decision and remain committed to reporting on and exposing violence against women by athletes, no matter how famous.



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