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Andrew Burton Wins 2023 World’s Strongest Firefighter Competitors

Andrew Burton is the 2023 World’s Strongest Firefighter (WSF) champion. The 2023 WSF competitors was held in Columbus, OH, on March 3-4, 2023, as part of the 2023 Arnold Sports activities Competition. Over 120 rivals competed, and divisions included the Males’s Open, Males’s Beneath 105 Kilograms (U105), and Ladies’s.

After preliminary occasions diminished the sphere all the way down to 18 (12 Open males, two middleweight males, two ladies, defending champion Daniel Camacho, and one further entry), Burton, representing Rockwall Hearth Station 1 in Lavon, TX, outlasted the opposite 17 firefighters throughout 4 occasions to emerge as champion. The highest 10 finishers are listed under:

2023 World’s Strongest Firefighter Outcomes

  1. Andrew Burton
  2. Brooks Larkin
  3. Nathan Warfel
  4. Idelfonso Nieves
  5. Cameron St. Amand
  6. Peter Juhasz
  7. Zack Hash
  8. Casey Shoe
  9. Olivier de Launiere
  10. Harry Walker

The firefighters who superior have been positioned into one group, and coefficient percentages have been used to supply balanced weights and scoring. 2022 champion Camacho completed thirteenth general. Laura Moran was the highest-finishing lady. The occasion was streamed stay on the Strongman Company YouTube channel.

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Ambulance Tire Deadlift

The Saturday finals started on the Expo stage with the Ambulance Tire Deadlift — a tribute to the Hummer Tire Deadlift that was an Arnold Strongman Traditional custom. Probably the most reps lifted in 60 seconds decided the winner. The weights for the athletes, relying on the division they have been in, have been as follows.

  • Ladies: 167.8 kilograms (370 kilos)
  • U105 Males: 238 kilograms (525 kilos)
  • Open Males: 272.1 kilograms (600 kilos)

Cameron St. Amand, a Males’s Open competitor, pulled 18 reps with the heaviest weight to take the win. Idelfonso Nieves and Burton got here in second general by two reps. They needed to pull the identical weight as St. Amand. The division subsequent to the athletes’ names displays the load they used:

  1. Cameron St. Amand (Open) — 18 reps
  2. Idelfonso Nieves (Open) — 16 reps (T-second)
  3. Andrew Burton (Open) — 16 reps (T-second)
  4. Harry Walker (Open) — 14 reps (T-fourth)
  5. Olivier de Launiere (Open) — 14 reps (T-fourth)
  6. Casey Shoe (Open) — 13 reps
  7. Peter Juhasz (Open) — 13 reps (T-seventh)
  8. Nathan Warfel (Open) — 13 reps (T-seventh)
  9. Jan Pipis (Middleweight) — 12 reps
  10. Daniel Camacho (Open) — 11 reps

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Picture courtesy of Lance Brimmage

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Sandbag Carry

The second occasion required the firefighters to carry sandbags throughout the stage and again for a complete of 40 ft every. The quickest time was rewarded with first-place factors. If the competitor couldn’t full the duty, the space was scored as an alternative. Beneath are the weights of the sandbags that the athletes needed to carry.

  • Ladies: 79.3, 90.7, 100 kilograms (175, 200, 220 kilos)
  • U105 and Open Males: 100, 113.7, 136 kilograms (220, 250, 300 kilos)

Open competitor Brooks Larkin gained the occasion with a time of 40.43 seconds. Second place weight to St. Amand, who wanted .07 seconds extra to get the job accomplished. Nathan Warfel rounded out the highest three with a time of 41.99 seconds.

  1. Brooks Larkin (Open) — 40.43 seconds
  2. Cameron St. Amand (Open) — 40.5 seconds
  3. Nathan Warfel (Open) — 41.99 seconds
  4. Daniel Camacho (Open) — 43.19 seconds
  5. Andrew Burton (Open) — 43.33 seconds
  6. Peter Juhasz (Open) — 51.06 seconds
  7. Idelfonso Nieves (Open) — 58 .6 seconds
  8. Harry Walker (Open) — 2 baggage accomplished, 47 seconds
  9. Zack Hash (Middleweight) — 1 bag accomplished, 30 seconds
  10. Casey Shoe (Open) — 1 bag accomplished, 31 seconds

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Picture courtesy of Lance Brimmage

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Axe Maintain

Occasion quantity three required athletes to carry an axe in every hand out to their sides at shoulder top for max time. Their heads and backs needed to keep towards a board that was behind them. Weights held on the handles of the axes so as to add further resistance. The axes’ weights are under.

  • Ladies: 6.8 kilograms (15 kilos)
  • U105 and Open Males: 11.3 kilograms (25 kilos)

Males’s Open athlete Joseph Voiles held on for 61.38 seconds to take his first win of the finals. U105 competitor Zack Hash completed second by two seconds. Burton got here in third place on this occasion. 

  1. Joseph Voiles (Open) — 61.38 seconds
  2. Zack Hash (Middleweight) — 59.77 seconds
  3. Andrew Burton (Open) — 59.7 seconds
  4. Brooks Larkin (Open) — 59.28 seconds
  5. Nathan Warfel (Open) — 58.22 seconds
  6. Mike McGowan (Open) — 57.78 seconds
  7. Andrew Morales (Middleweight) — 55.69 seconds
  8. Laura Moran (Ladies) — 55.31 seconds
  9. Idelfonso Nieves (Open) — 54.1 seconds
  10. Casey Shoe (Open) — 53.76 seconds

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Picture courtesy of Lance Brimmage

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Hearth Hydrant Load

That is the Firefighter equal of the Atlas Stones. The athletes needed to carry weighted fireplace hydrants as much as a platform and stand it up vertically earlier than they might transfer on to the subsequent one. All hydrants needed to stand atop their platforms on the finish of the occasion to be scored. The contestant with the quickest time gained the occasion. 

  • Ladies: 45.3, 56.6, 68, 79.3 kilograms (100, 125, 150, 175 kilos)
  • U105 and Open Males: 79.3, 90.7, 102.5, 113.7 kilograms (175, 200, 225, 250 kilos)

With contest promoter Arnold Schwarzenegger and FUBAR co-star Fortune Feimster in attendance watching, Burton wanted the win to take the general victory, and he did simply that. He lifted all 4 hydrants up in 17.17 seconds to win the championship. Males’s Open athlete Peter Juhasz adopted with a time of 18 seconds even. Larkin got here in third place by ending in 18.35 seconds. 

  1. Andrew Burton (Open) — 17.17 seconds
  2. Peter Juhasz (Open) — 18 seconds
  3. Brooks Larkin (Open) — 18.35 seconds
  4. Idelfonso Nieves (Open) — 20.62 seconds
  5. Nathan Warfel (Open) — 21.88 seconds
  6. Olivier de Launiere (Open) — 23.12 seconds
  7. Mike McGowan (Open) — 24.55 seconds
  8. Casey Shoe (Open) — 26.3 seconds
  9. Zack Hash (Middleweight) — 28.6 seconds
  10. Joseph Voiles (Open) — 29.74 seconds

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After the finals have been concluded, Burton obtained the champion’s trophy from Schwarzenegger. All athletes additionally shook fingers with him, and he additionally handed every a problem coin in recognition of competing. For extra details about the WSF, go to the Arnold Sports activities Competition web site.

Featured Picture: @asfworldsstrongestfirefighter on Instagram 



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